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Electrical for Fitness Wearables

Polar Electro and Siemens bring together electronics, mechanical, and software development to run past the competition.

Electrical for Fitness Wearables

Firma:Polar Electro

Odvětví:Consumer Products & Retail

Výrobek:Medical and Fitness Wearables



Řešení NX, Xpedition

"One-off" Manufacturing

Dnešní technologie:Generative Design

We have to keep the product in mass production efficiently and to manage its whole lifecycle. With our suppliers and our partners, Siemens is like a manufactural standard.
Marco Suvilaakso, Chief Strategy Officer, Polar Electro

Industrial Additive

Siemens and HP use CFD-driven optimization to design a revolutionary cooling duct 75% faster than the traditional process.

A manufacturing lab with graphical overlays