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Rear view of a car on the street, with an image of electronic components grafted onto the car's rear trunk, and lines suggesting sound emanating from the car

End-of-the-Line NVH Software and Hardware Platform

Vehicles with high noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) levels are more prone to costly rework, waste, product failures, and recalls, all of which reduce efficiency, timeliness, and expense, resulting in disgruntled shareholders and customers.

To remain competitive, manufacturers must provide excellent quality assurance. Products must be precise and delivered on time. The Simcenter ANOVIS testing system provides high standards and performance by utilizing an improved, dependable End-of-Line (EoL) procedure.

The series includes information on:

  • End-of-line quality inspection system
  • Sensors consideration for industrial testing
  • Test bench consideration for noise and vibration
  • Noise and vibration signal processing at the production line
  • Software and rating concepts for industrial tests
  • End-of-line quality: fault detection

Watch the videos for comprehensive knowledge relating to noise, vibration and harshness testing using Siemens ANOVIS.