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The Keys to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is driving the future of companies in all industries. Analysts
provide insights on the keys to a successful digital transformation and the
role of Siemens Xcelerator in the marketplace of easy, flexible and integrated

Lifecycle Insights

Digital transformation analysis

Read Lifecycle Insights reports to increase awareness on technology-led engineering initiatives and learn how progressive companies enable better investment and adoption decisions through digital transformation.

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Lifecycle Insights


Short on time? Learn about the findings from Lifecycle Insights' benchmark report in this easy-to-read infographic.

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Lifecycle Insights

Videos - Digital transformation in manufacturing

Watch videos produced by Lifecycle Insights examining the digital transformation journey, the digital twin, and the digital thread.

Where Do You Start With Your Digital Transformation Initiative

Lifecycle Insights - The Digital Transformation Journey

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Where Do You Start With Your Digital Transformation Initiative

(6 mins, 34 secs)


Lifecycle Insights: Openness In The Supply Chain Ecosystem

(6 mins, 31 secs)

Schnitger Corp

Remove friction and speed innovation

This series profiles three colleagues working in IT, management and design at a hypothetical firm that builds industrial robots and how the adoption of Siemens Xcelerator as a Service would impact their work.

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Transforma Insights

Analyzing leaders in PLM software

Read this report analyzing the relative strengths of twelve service providers in delivering digital transformation capabilities for manufacturing /production and related industries. See where Siemens ranks in SaaS-based CAD, PLM solutions and more.

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