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How NX Mold Connect works

NX Mold Connect provides an easily accessible solution for OEMs and tool shops to collaborate on injection molded parts.

Engineer optimizing a new part design for injection molding.

NX Mold Connect enables tool shops to collaborate seamlessly with OEM clients in one central location on injection molded parts. With the NX Mold Connect app, tool shops are able to improve quoting and accuracy of workflows while OEMs are better able to predict their costs before RFQ submission.

Collaboration between OEM and tool shop

Share mold-making projects with users and submit requests for quote (RFQ) through the app. This seamless process eliminates the need for other various communication efforts and manual file transfer methods, allowing users to easily view the status of their project throughout the process.

Mold part design for manufacturing

Perform mold part design validation using design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis on part geometry, wall thickness, mold filling, and part features at the click of a button. Doing this early in product development reduces the need for rework and material waste.

Final injection molded part cost estimation

Synchronize files from desktop to cloud and ensure that tool shops and OEMs are working with the most current data. Using up-to-date data for feature recognition and automated tool costing provides the most accurate estimation of injection molded part cost.

Common Injection molding process challenges

Learn how NX Mold Connect can help with:

  • Difficult for OEM's to find and certify tool shops
  • Difficult for OEM's to do business with many tool shops for each RFQ
  • Difficult for tool shops to receive and manage RFQs from many customers
  • Difficult for tool shops to validate mold part designs
  • Difficult for tool shops to create accurate estimates for quotes
  • Difficulty tracking and managing molded part projects


NX Mold Connect 30-day trial

Try NX Mold Connect now through this 30-day trial. Experience all of the benefits NX Mold Connect provides, from improved collaboration, streamlined file sharing, quick and easy design validation, and automated tool costing.