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Engineering Pathway for High School

Get started with Discover Engineering, the first course in the pathway, which includes Engineering Pathway for High School access.

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Engineering Pathway for High School Pre-Release Program

We're excited to offer eligible secondary school educators complimentary early access to Engineering Pathway for High School. Contact us using the link below to claim your free one-year subscription!

This pre-release program is available by invitation-only. Please include the invitation code received in your invitation email with your request to confirm eligibility.

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Discover Engineering course overview

This course is the first in the four-year sequence. It introduces students to core engineering practices through projects connected to a variety of fields of engineering design. Students apply the engineering design process using industry-relevant software tools. Through this process, they discover how using the engineering design process helps engineers brainstorm, plan, think and create solutions to problems. They will practice using the process to solve several real-world challenges.

This introductory course allows students to develop a foundation for thinking and acting like an engineer. This course progresses students through increasingly complex real-world challenges based on global issues as a context for problem-solving.

Course goals

As a result of this course, students will:

  • build engineering habits of mind using industry tools
  • collaborate to solve real-world challenges
  • localize solutions to their communities and experiences
  • create solutions to complex problems
  • document processes using engineering practices  

Additional courses will be released at the start of the 2024 school year.

Standard alignment

Our curriculum is aligned with technical and academic standards and provides an interdisciplinary learning experience. Learning standards and student competencies are aligned with each unit within a course. The standards used for alignment are: 

  • Common Core English language arts
  • Common Core mathematics
  • Next-generation science standards
  • Standards for Technological and Engineering Literacy (STEL) Benchmarks
  • ISTE standards for students

In addition to existing learning standards, we have created a 21st-century skills framework infused within our curriculum.

What's included

Purchases of this program include one year of access to our Engineering Pathway for High School application for one teacher and 30 students. The application is designed to empower educators to facilitate the student learning experience throughout the course. No software download needed! The browser-based application contains all the learning materials and engineering design software in one place. 

For Educators:

  • Digital lesson plans with differentiation supports
  • Printable student support documents 
  • Educator resources for facilitating learning
  • How to videos for getting started with CAD and the learning application
  • Access to curriculum 
  • Access to Zel X software 
  • Assessment rubrics 
  • Course and class management tools 
  • Progress monitoring analytics dashboard 

For Students:

  • Interactive project units 
  • Zel X software 
  • Digital badges

Additional courses will be released at the start of the 2024 school year. A detailed description of the Discover Engineering course can be found in the Engineering Pathway for High School brochure.

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more? Find answers to frequently asked questions and technical details for Engineering Pathway for High School.

What are the system requirements to run Siemens Engineering Pathway for High School?

Pathway to Learning Engineering is cloud-based: meaning instant access, instant productivity, no need to download software. Get started from any common browser, on any device.

What skills are needed to use the software?

Learning support for both educators and students is provided directly in the application. No prerequisite skills are needed.

What professional development training is available?

On-demand professional development and training is available throughout the year. See our professional development page for additional details.

What physical materials are needed to support classroom instruction?

A recommended materials list is provided in each lesson plan and a summary of the materials for the entire course can be found in the Educator Resources section of the learning application. You may find other materials and equipment are also suitable as substitutes depending on your learning environment. 

How much storage space is available?

Pathway to Learning Engineering comes with 500 GB of storage, with no limit on data sharing size.