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Hour of Engineering

Inspire students to explore engineering with Hour of Engineering, our online STEM learning program for middle school educators and students.

Hour of Engineering

Introducing the E in STEM to middle school students

Hour of Engineering is a direct response to the predicted shortage of engineers, built to inspire middle school students to consider the possibility of an engineering career. Otherwise, by the time students reach high school many will have already decided against engineering based on common misconceptions about the field.

Hour of Engineering is an engaging online learning program that empowers educators to introduce students to engineering, with right-sized learning content that can be delivered in as little as one hour, or easily be extended to support a full semester.

Using videos, real-world examples, challenges and 3D simulations, learning materials encourage students to explore engineering concepts and careers. Challenges encourage deep thinking and problem-solving and extend offline for hands-on experience.

Students can confidently develop their science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) identity with interdisciplinary learning materials. This allows students to build STEM competencies aligned with core academic standards.

Explore engineering

Engineering is brought to life with flexible learning modules and authentic voices so students can explore engineering disciplines and STEM career pathways.

Think like an engineer

Students explore various engineering design processes and ways of thinking employed by today's professionals to create solutions that improve the world.

Become a problem solver

Hands-on design challenges introduce students to engineering principles and encourage creative problem-solving to develop new ideas and concepts.

Shaping the leaders of the future

Hear from students, parents and teachers about their classroom experience with Hour of Engineering

St. David School: Hour of Engineering empowers educators and students

Hour of Engineering Success Stories

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St. David School: Hour of Engineering empowers educators and students

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Engaging STEM lessons for middle school with Hour of Engineering

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Unlocking innovation for kids with Hour of Engineering

(1 min, 20 secs)

Until now, the E in STEM has not been well understood in K-12 classrooms. Hour of Engineering closes this long overdue gap and gives educators and students a powerful platform to engage in engineering.
Jan Morrison, Founder & CEO, Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM

Empowering STEM educators

A comprehensive teacher’s guide is included to help educators get started and each learning module includes a lesson plan with suggested scope and sequence options so teachers can tailor their implementation based on class size, schedule and interests. Learning outcomes, material lists, and assessment materials are also included.

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Share your expertise, ask questions and find answers alongside a global community of educators who are ready to collaborate and make career-enhancing connections.

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