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A car jumps a dirt berm with a cutaway view of its engine

Find longest-lasting design faster in vehicle design

When it comes to vehicle durability, using accurate and efficient simulation in the early stage of the vehicle design process to predict and optimize vehicle durability is crucial because that is when there is a wide range of design freedom at an affordable cost. The earlier, the better.

Simcenter 3D solutions enable automotive manufacturers and suppliers to:

  • Go faster using integrated CAE pre- and post-processing
  • Model the complexity with multidiscipline simulation solvers
  • Explore the possibilities through simulation automation
  • Stay integrated through seamless data management

Efficient and accurate durability capabilities for CAD simulation

With Simcenter 3D Specialist Durability, durability targets can be efficiently balanced with other attributes, like vehicle weight, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), comfort, stiffness, and safety, all before building the physical prototype.

The Simcenter 3D Durability module enables high accuracy for specific seam and spot weld analyses. At the same time, it can apply advanced numerical durability predictions to engines, powertrain parts, engine brackets, gearbox chain heels, and exhaust lines.

Durability and fatigue analysis capabilities:

  • Fatigue strength analysis
  • Weld fatigue
  • Composite fatigue

Check out the resources below to learn how automotive manufacturers and suppliers improve their CAD-to-CAE process with efficient and accurate durability simulation solutions.