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Culture & Values

Each of our people has a story to tell. They empower and define who we are. Much like the world around us, we are continuously evolving, driven by our employee's voices.

Siemens Ownership Culture giving opportunities to all our employees


You’ll discover new opportunities, take ownership of important initiatives, and learn in engaging and dynamic environments with international teams. We empower our employees to own their careers through our development culture.

Collaboration at Siemens two hands shaking in agreement


Our collaboration is not only seen in our product portfolio but built through acquisitions. Collaboration is in our DNA. We leverage our unique strengths to find creative solutions. Our success is built from our diversity.

Siemens values Respect, Inclusion and Diversity as a global company

Respect & Inclusion

We are diverse, show respect and believe everyone deserves an opportunity. Flattening hierarchies, celebrating individual contributions, expressing different ways of thinking and embracing flexibility to respect life beyond work.

The World of Learning and Career Development at Siemens

The world is changing at a rapid pace. To stay innovative, we need to be continuous learners. Siemens Software offers a wide range learning and career development opportunities internally and externally.

Career Development at Siemens

We believe our employees are our key to success. We prioritize learning and employee development to help our workforce grow and shape the future of their careers. Mentoring, an open internal job market, and continuous employee performance feedback throughout the year contribute to the growth of our employees

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Own Your Career

We offer tools and programs to discover your individual strengths, establish contact with employees from other departments, and discover new opportunities that go far beyond your immediate role and own department.

Man and woman working together and discussing Siemens Career opportunities

Siemens Learning

We strongly believe that always learning and always growing is a mindset that will help all of us succeed far into the future. We connect a global community of learners with helpful and individual content, including internal and external development opportunities and foster collaborative and innovative conversations.

Man presenting learning and development to group at Siemens office location