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Connected Services for small to medium business

Stay profitable and grow with connected digital technology to monitor and manage resources. Offer your customers timely, effective, quality service through connected products, maintenance, and factories.

Leverage data and gain valuable insights

With a connected strategy, smaller manufacturing firms can access large amounts of actionable data. Use this data to efficiently connect, monitor, and operate the most important aspects of your business.

Connected Products

Maximize equipment performance

Measure machine availability, reliability, performance, and productivity remotely.

Integrating service with remote condition monitoring provides prescriptive maintenance thus minimizing downtime and maximizing asset availability and performance.

Collect data across machines and products, to gain real-time insights from advanced analytics across every phase of the product lifecycle.

SMB - Maximize Equipment Performance
Connected Factory

Reduce Operational Costs

Access data across plants and systems to improve operational efficiencies and gain further visibility into energy consumption and carbon footprint while simultaneously reducing costs.

Achieve new levels of optimum equipment efficiency (OEE) with visibility to forecast energy usage and control unplanned downtime.

Protect your investment in machines and equipment.

SMB - Reduce Operational Costs
Connected Maintenance

Increase customer satisfaction

Remote maintenance and service unlocks additional value for your customer while you continue to improve your products and service.

Sensors that trigger remote condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and service work order help minimize warranty costs, improve profit margins, and resolve issues faster.

Provide your field technicians with the data and information they need to provide efficient service.

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