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Mendix DLM for startups in Fashion and Retail

Mendix DLM for startups in Fashion and Retail

Visually interactive solution using a digital twin and True 3D integration to accelerate your development process from concept to commerce.

Optimize your Product Lifecycle Management in fashion with our DLM solution for Retail, Apparel, Footwear & Accessories

Shorter Time to Market

Transform towards a demand-led model fueled by photo-realistic assets to create engaging customer experiences. Visual Commerce reduces your time to market and enables sustainable business practices.

Collaborate Throughout the Product Lifecycle

Increase transparency and accuracy of product data by allowing stakeholders to work jointly on products. Eliminate redundancy and manual errors to prevent margin erosion. This single source of truth allows partners to collaborate with confidence on material libraries, sizes and measurement charts, color palettes, designs, and more.

Drastically Reduce Physical Sampling

Create a sustainable sampling process by eliminating the need for extensive, physical samples. Virtual collaboration accelerates speed to market. True integration pre-populates elemental data in style and product specifications to create an accurate bill of materials, measurements, colors, and versions. Starting and staying digital is a business pivot that will help you reduce costs and your carbon footprint.

Powered by Cloud Native, Low-Code Technology

Connect siloed software to reduce digital waste and redundancy, migration hassles, and extensive training. Cloud-native, low-code technology enables this highly scalable SaaS solution on an open platform. Experience Mendix DLM on any device with one-click upgrades.