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Innovate with Product Design & Simulation Software

For consumer packaged goods manufacturing

Designed to help you create innovative products and enhance their performance, our Formulated Product Design & Performance Engineering services enable you to develop new beauty, food and beverage, personal, and home care products using state-of-the-art simulation, testing, formulation, and validation techniques, while also allowing you to test and optimize product performance to meet the demands of consumers and the market.

From the initial concept to product launch, our solutions can sustainably streamline and optimize your product development process providing you with an unrivaled a competitive advantage in the market by leveraging the digital twin concept, which enables you to design your product correctly the first time around. This approach drives innovation efficiency and can help you achieve success in the market.

Improve quality, safety and time-to-market in CPG with RD&L and Performance Engineering

Weave a digital thread to bring new products to market faster without quality and safety risks to accelerate time to market, reduce complexity, and improve quality throughput to drive innovation efficiency.

Successful practical applications of our solutions

With the Digital Enterprise portfolio, we support companies of any size in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry. Here you’ll find some resources below.