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A rendering or illustration shows a cutaway view of a high-tech camera or optical device. The complex inner components, including lenses and circuit boards, are visible through the transparent blue casing.

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Electronic systems design innovation

Transform the landscape of hi-tech product development by providing engineers with a platform for virtual experimentation and optimization. By simulating diverse design configurations and scenarios, engineers iterate rapidly, explore innovative concepts and expand the horizons of possibility.

What is electronic systems design?

Electronics system design is the process of developing complex electronic products by integrating mechanical, electronic, electrical and software components. Manufacturers face mounting pressure to deliver complex products on tight schedules. This streamlines the process, managing the entire lifecycle from concept to manufacturing for faster innovation. But how can companies navigate this effectively?

 A person wearing gloves is holding a circuit board up to the camera. The circuit board appears to be for some type of electronic or computing device.

Optimize the electronics design process

Transform your electronics design capabilities with our state-of-the-art technologies, empowering your team to innovate faster and deliver superior products to market.


Cost savings achieved

Use a complete solution to integrate industrialization and information, enabling information sharing, improved equipment re-usability and direct reduction of costs. (Airmate Electrical)


Of engineers are creating better products

Take advantage of simulation to explore more design options, gain earlier insights, achieve faster innovation and generate higher return on investment. (Tech-Clarity)


Reduced data management time

Adopt mature data management capabilities and structured, collaborative solutions to control, access, and share design data efficiently, enabling engineers to focus on innovative product design. (Tech-Clarity)

Electronic systems design solutions

Elevate multi-domain design

Take an integrated approach to electromechanical engineering. Improve design, performance and reliability of industrial or consumer electronics, while reducing costs and time to market. Explore our three key paths to achieve these goals and enhance your electromechanical engineering processes:

Adopting a comprehensive approach that combines faster design processes through integrated multi-domain collaboration, goal alignment across all disciplines, early supplier involvement enabled by digital data exchange, efficient electronics configuration via 3D modeling tools and effective management of the unified bill of materials (BOM), companies can streamline their time-to-market and overcome supply chain challenges, ultimately gaining a competitive edge in today's fast-paced market. A comprehensive approach can help you:

  • Easily configure electronics through 3D design tools modeling electronic components in a virtual 3D environment.
  • Effectively manage unified BOM data across mechanical, electrical and software domains through an integrated digital platform.
  • Tackle supply chain issues by involving suppliers early with digital design data exchange, accelerating time-to-market.

Ensure electronic systems design success


On-time launch dates

Enables our integrated multidomain solution to provide an environment for collaboration, streamlining development to manage complexity. This helps engineers avoid rework and non-value work. (Aberdeen Group)


Of engineers duplicate efforts

Nonvalue-added work is slowing down engineers the most from innovation in business. (Tech-Clarity)


Of engineers redo work

Engineers waste time redoing work due to outdated info and data disorganization. Our holistic solution bridges disciplines with real-time data, fostering collaboration so engineers get it right the first time. (Tech-Clarity)

Case study

Marumo Electric

Siemens Digital Industries Software solution enables Marumo Electric to reduce product development time by 35 percent
Case Study

Lighting manufacturer uses Simcenter STAR-CCM+ to enhance spotlight design and eliminate rework

Company:Marumo Electric

Industry:Electronics, Semiconductor devices

Location:Tokyo, Japan

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter STAR-CCM+

Implementing CFD means reworking has been eliminated. We repeated producing actual devices and testing them before we adopted Simcenter STAR-CCM+. Simcenter STAR-CCM+ has made efficient development possible.
Ryosuke Wakabayashi, CFD Engineer, Equipment Development Division, Marumo Electric Co., Ltd.
Transform electronics design

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Transform electronics design with free viewers for seamless collaboration. Cloud trials experience innovative solutions via samples and guides. Accelerate sourcing, automate DFM analysis, streamline manufacturing prep with advanced tools. Drive innovation, validate efficiently, accelerate time-to-market. Explore to transform your approach delivering cutting-edge systems.

Team of electronics engineers testing electronic components.

Smart solutions to accelerate electronic systems design

Electronic systems design

Mechanical product design

Systems engineering

Performance engineering

Product lifecycle management

Requirements management

Frequently asked questions

Electronics design software, such as Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools, benefits the industry in several ways:

  • Accelerates design cycles and reduces time-to-market
  • Improves accuracy and reliability of designs
  • Enables the creation of highly complex circuits and systems
  • Enhances collaboration among design teams
  • Reduces design costs and minimizes the need for expensive prototypes
  • Allows for simulation and verification of designs before manufacturing
  • Integrates with manufacturing processes for smoother production

These tools are essential for developing the complex, high-performance devices that power our digital world.

Electronics design software boosts productivity, accuracy and innovation in the industry. It streamlines processes, reduces costs and enables faster time-to-market. Advanced simulation and collaboration features ensure that designs meet standards and encourage creativity. This technology empowers engineers to create cutting-edge products efficiently, fostering growth and competitiveness.

Our semiconductor design software revolutionizes the semiconductor design process, offering state-of-the-art modeling, simulation and verification tools. Integrating workflows, fostering collaboration and boosting efficiency empowers engineers to craft intricate semiconductor designs with unparalleled precision and speed. Robust features such as integrated design environments and extensive libraries facilitate smooth transitions from design to production, ensuring seamless alignment with manufacturing processes. Our software solutions empower you to drive innovation, accelerate time-to-market and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

Electromechanical engineering technology significantly enhances the design of consumer and industrial electronics by efficiently integrating electrical and mechanical components. Using advanced tools and techniques in electromechanical engineering, designers can optimize product performance, reliability and efficiency while simultaneously reducing size, weight and overall costs. This approach enables the development of innovative products boasting advanced functionalities, superior user experiences and increased durability. It streamlines the integration of electronics into mechanical systems, ensuring seamless compatibility, stability and ease of assembly.

Our engineering solutions facilitate mechanical design for electronics through a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates electrical, mechanical, and automation engineering. From concept to delivery, our products support a comprehensive design process encompassing electronics, mechanical, and software, validated through simulation. Our electro-mechanical design solutions address significant design challenges and leverage additive manufacturing for optimized designs.

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