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Engineering solutions for vehicle electrification

The changes that recently took place within the automotive industry are one of the most important businesses and the social trend we are experiencing. Global environmental impacts, climate change, and government regulations are accelerating demand for hybrid and electric vehicles. Developing electric vehicles to suit the right mileage, fast charging capabilities, high safety, and different design variations of each vehicle category is a significant challenge. Achieving all this at the same (or lower) cost of ownership as existing vehicles requires unprecedented innovation and engineering efficiency without risk to safety, reliability, and quality.

Siemens Digital Industries Software offers simulation and testing solutions that cover all aspects of electrification. Siemens is the unique solution provider to offer a complete, integrated, accurate digital twin that addresses all aspects of EV engineering, from e-powertrain to electrical and electronic system architecture, vehicle engineering, control and embedded software, and battery systems. This not only helps companies gain significant competitive advantage, ROI, and operational performance advantages when developing electric vehicles but also provides them with the ability to adapt and evolve in the new era of mobility.

Please watch the webinar series to learn about the muli-physics analysis for electrical equipments in EV engineering and how to improve battery system performance.