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Mike Ellow

Executive Vice President, Electronic Design Automation Global Sales, Services and Customer Support

Originally from: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Currently based: Southern California, US

Education: BSEE from Lehigh University, an MSEE from the University of Southern California, and an MBA from California State University, Fullerton

Siemens tenure: Joined Siemens in 2014 by way of Berkeley Design Automation and Mentor Graphics

Trust your people: I’m proud of the people and the relationships that exist within Siemens. My group is full of talented individuals who have respect for each other as well as a sense of urgency, personal accountability, and transparency – which in turn enable customer success and deliver exceptional results for Siemens.

Competitive streak: I’m personally motivated by continuous improvement and beating the competition. In fact, when I’m not in the office, you can find me in the gym.

Seeing the potential: I’m inspired when I think about personal computers, the internet, and cell phones from the early 1990s. These nascent technologies showcased the potential for semiconductor systems to a make dramatic impact on society while becoming pervasive and ubiquitous across all aspects of human life.

Shaping the future: The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is an exciting one right now: Siemens enables the design of semiconductor systems that will change the world and is implementing AI into its semiconductor design software to accelerate and improve the quality of these customer semiconductor systems.

Determined to succeed: I’d title my autobiography “Relentless.” Looking back over my career so far, I think the best advice is: Fortune favors the brave: take chances and they will pay off.