Headshot of Kevin Owens, Senior Vice President, People and Operations at Siemens


Kevin Owens

Senior Vice President, People and Operations

Originally from: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Currently based: Orlando, Florida, US

Education: Bachelor of Science in Labor Relations from Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Business Administration from Mount St. Mary’s College

Siemens tenure: Joined Siemens Energy through the acquisition of Westinghouse Power Generation

People first: Siemens has a strong collaboration culture with great people who are highly engaged. The People and Operations team strives to further this culture and focuses on improving and strengthening positive experiences for all our colleagues at Siemens Digital Industries Software.

Enjoy the ride: I get up every day excited about working with and partnering with all my colleagues. It’s important to enjoy the journey! I focus on valuing and retaining the relationships I have built throughout my career. Also, I try to add value in all I do.

Lessons learned: I have learned the most from being placed in difficult situations and experiencing dramatic change.