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Heatmap of the stress points within a car unibody shell

Online seminar series exploring the latest innovations

The process of modal testing and analysis allows you to study the system dynamics of a structure and to identify root causes of noise and vibration problems. Modal analysis refers to a complete process including acquisition and analysis phases for understanding system dynamics behavior.

A modal testing and analysis approach can help you reduce the noise level emitted by product and assist you in identifying the source of vibrations (such as eliminating component cracking issues). Modal analysis helps to thoroughly understand the nature of your product’s dynamic behavior, you can make system dynamics design decisions that positively affect the development of the product.

You can also use modal testing and analysis results to detect changes or damage in your product so you can take countermeasures.

Join us for the 8-session masterclass and learn how to address the structural dynamics issues through Modal Testing.

  • Session 1: Digital Signal Processing + Demos
  • Session 2: Modal Analysis Introduction - Basics of Vibration, Sensors & Instrumentation
  • Session 3: Modal Testing-Impact + Demos
  • Session 4: Modal Testing - Shaker + Demos
  • Session 5: Modal Analysis + Demos
  • Session 6: Advanced Modal Analysis - ODS, OMA, Order base & strain based modal analysis + Demos
  • Session 7: Advances in Ground Vibration & Flutter Testing for Aviation Industry + Demos
  • Session 8: New Trends in Modal Analysis - Digital Image Correlation (DIC)