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Frontier partners

Join our Frontier partner program, which enables early-stage technology startups to innovate new breakthrough solutions.

Unlock new opportunities as a technology startup

Scale, innovate and shape the future of product design and manufacturing by accessing our industry and domain expertise and resources. The Siemens Frontier partner program helps early-stage technology startups develop and bring to market solutions for 3D printing, robotics and augmented and virtual reality.

Benefit from these perks

Access training and support

  • Gain direct access to Siemens experts for one year
  • Get up to two free gold memberships to Learning Advantage online training
  • Interact with online communities of users and developers

Use our technology

  • Get free developer licenses to Siemens Digital Industries Software tools and platforms for one year

Expand your marketing reach

  • Showcase your work to Siemens and our customers at live events and user groups

Leverage comprehensive toolsets and software

Connect and build

Access developer resources and marketing support alongside our portfolio of software solutions. When you develop a new solution, get it to market quickly by taking advantage of our well-established sales channels.

While Frontier partners can help us build on our proven and scalable software solutions, we do not expect them to share unprotected IP or source code.

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Evolve your solutions and go-to-market

After you graduate, you may be eligible to join our technology partner program. When you're ready to commercialize, and take advantage of our full commercial program benefits. Partner with us to leverage our sales and marketing expertise, or go-to-market on your own – the choice is yours.

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Explore areas of focus for Frontier partners

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Additive manufacturing

Game-changing ideas in 3D printing are coming from startups. We are looking for partners with new approaches to software workflow, security and DRM, simulation, optimization, quality assurance, collaboration and sharing tools, printer interoperability, marketplaces and distribution.

Engineers wearing virtual reality glasses.

Augmented and virtual reality

Startups are playing a leading role in advancing new technologies in AR/VR. We are looking for startups with new AR or VR solutions related to product and process design, simulation, maintenance and repair, remote collaboration, training or supporting the sales process.

Engineer holding a prosthetic robot arm.

Advanced robotics

We're interested in new approaches to simulation, motion planning, robot interoperability, human-robot-collaboration, teaching and optimization in the industrial robotics field. If you are developing on ROS (Robot Operating System), we are interested in exploring interface needs with you.

Robot arms tending to plants in a greenhouse.

Artificial Intelligence

If you are a startup with unique industrial solutions based on artificial intelligence models, we want to hear from you. Applicants must demonstrate that their models focus on technical and operational aspects of AI transformation and the possible challenges it poses.

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