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Become a Siemens Sell partner

Provide product sales, specialized solution expertise, services and support for SaaS and on-premise digitalization solutions.

Build your business

Deliver product lifecycle management software solutions to accelerate digital transformation.

Why sell with Siemens?

Generate world-class enablement, curated marketing materials and generous benefits all with the flexibility to run and grow your business your way while leveraging the trusted, industry-leading Siemens brand. We invest in our partners and our solutions to create the best, most holistic customer experience.

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Provide the business outcomes your customers need

Become customers' trusted advisor and ally they can turn to solve complex business problems by leveraging your expertise and the robust Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of solutions. As a Sell partner, you are an integral part of our mission to create a better future where anyone can turn today's ideas into tomorrow's products and experiences.

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Discover benefits that impact the buyer journey

Explore the benefits of becoming a Sell partner, including sales, enablement and marketing perks.

  • Recruitment assistance and a prescriptive onboarding program
  • Access to Siemens pre-qualified leads
  • Opportunities to co-sell with Siemens and other partners

The foundation of Siemens partner program


Leverage Siemens' industry-leading technology and trusted brand.


Differentiate, drive revenue and increase profitability.


Experience a strong economic model supported by flexible framework.

Is the Sell engagement model right for you?

The Sell engagement model

The Sell engagement model includes companies that take Siemens Xcelerator solutions to market to solve customer challenges and deliver positive business outcomes. Partners that sell operate in defined geographical areas and often specialize in specific products, solutions and/or industries. Many of these partners bring added customer value through implementation, training and support.

What makes a good candidate?

  • Solution and/or industry-focused
  • Industry knowledge and experience with Siemens Xcelerator solutions
  • Commitment to customer outcomes, not just sales
  • Desire to grow as a SaaS business

Frequently asked questions

Can I also participate in the Service and Build partner motions?

Yes! We encourage our partners to provide extended service to customers, as well as leverage their internal resources to build niche proprietary IP on top of Siemens open, flexible solutions.

How much does the training cost when joining the Global Partner Program

Siemens is proud to offer its partner-specific enablement and certifications at no cost. However, some advanced certification programs may have associated costs.

How are partners' product discounts determined?

Siemens uses a metal-based (Authorized, Silver, Gold and Platinum) tiered approach, as well as other qualifying factors, to determine discounts. Contact us for further details.

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