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Siemens Digital Industries Software offers a broad range of automation and simulation tools to optimise early pharmaceutical development operations and provide meaningful value.​

Go from patent to product, faster than ever

Bringing new pharmaceutical treatments to market is a race against time, especially for the patients who so desperately need them. All too often, overcomplicated operational processes in the early phase of development ends up slowing everything down. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Challenges to address in the early development phase

Pharmaceutical companies invest an enormous amount of time, money, and resources into the discovery of new drugs and medical devices. Given the limited window of patent exclusivity, they need to move fast in bringing new products to market if they are to recoup their investment. Not to mention the patients whose quality of life depends on the availability of these treatments. The stakes could not be higher. 

Key challenges to address in early development phase

Stringent quality standards​

A necessary but slow-moving process​

Process inefficiencies​

Such as logistical complexity, high costs and wasted time/resources​

Complex regulatory processes​

Ensuring compliance, traceability and audit readiness​

Achieving sustainability targets

Regarding energy consumption and materials used​

Digital solutions designed to

Expedite the development of new pharmaceutical products

  • Reduce time to market
  • Optimize operations & reduce costs
  • Streamline regulatory processes
  • Implement sustainability measures

Key solutions include:

Automated GAMP5 validation, tracking and patient safety tools to streamline operations conforming with regulatory guidelines.

Simulations of production costs inform planning, allowing to optimize energy and raw material usage and achieve sustainability targets.

Your pharma solutions. Faster in the market

Collaborate with Siemens Digital Industries Software to unlock the power of digital in early pharmaceutical development.