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Embracing transformation. Accelerating innovation.

How Siemens Digital Solutions is redefining the pharmaceutical landscape and accelerating drug development.

From formulation to final product

Developing new drugs is not just game changing, it is life changing. Siemens Digital solutions allows organizations to implement a 360-degree approach to transforming their drug development and production cycles enabling unprecedented
efficiencies. Now, organizations can overcome economic pressures, evolving challenges, and overcome bottlenecks by streamling processes, to deliver impactful therapies faster.

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Virtual solutions. Real-world impact

Unlock efficiencies along every step of the development journey.

20% efficiency increase

Streamline and simplify processes from start
to finish.

80% reduction in traceability management time

Simplify traceability from manufacturing to distribution.

Scale up recipes for Production in 1 second

Enable seamless transitions and rapid adaptation to varying production demands.

Faster document handling

Enhance compliance, collaboration and overall productivity with streamlined document handling.

20% reduction in operating costs

Eliminate costly errors, reduce IT overheads, and optimize product in processes.

Up to 50% faster

Go from idea to implementation with fewer
bottlenecks and unexpected roadblocks.

Understanding pharmaceutical development bottlenecks

  • Product and Process Development
    Innovation is expensive. With development costs rising, being efficient
    is essential.
  • Siloed information
    Effective communication and collaboration are impossible when data and the free flow of information is hindered.
  • Validation and regulatory compliance
    Stringent validation processes required for regulatory compliance are complex, and time consuming.
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End-to-end solutions:

Simulation, Enterprise Recipe Management, and GAMP5

By taking a holistic approach to digital transformation organizations are able
to advance drug development like never before. With Siemens, everyone, from research scientists to production engineers can break down silos, streamline operations and optimize every step of process with confidence.

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Simulation in action:

Unlock the power of the digital twin

Digital twin simulations can be used to identify and solve problems across the product lifecycle. Using multi-physics simulations, real-time data, and machine learning to predict the impact of design changes, environmental conditions, and countless other variables.

  • Ensure highly stable drug solutions before in-lab trials
  • Accelerate production set up
  • Reduce waste by cutting physical scale-up steps
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Revolutionizing collaboration:

Enterprise recipe management

Seamless collaboration between scientists and engineers is a recipe for success. Enterprise Recipe Management bridges the divide between R&D and manufacturing, optimizing production processes while facilitating a global knowledge transfer.

  • Speed up tech transfer from lab to production line
  • Enable data-driven collaboration
  • Scale up recipes for worldwide production
  • Accelerate drug approval
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Ensure compliance effectively:

GAMP5 Validation

Digitalization allows organizations to streamline validation efforts, enhance traceability, and
standardize inputs, freeing up valuable personnel and resources from time consuming tasks.

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Revolutionise your drug development with Siemens

With Siemens, your organization can benefit from a complete 360° suite of solutions, covering every aspect of drug development, from R&D through to manufacturing, and delivery. So, life-changing treatments can be developed faster.