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Scenario-based V&V for safe automated driving systems

The field of Autonomous Driving/Driver Assistance (AD/ADAS) systems has rapidly evolved over the past years. Some of the main challenges for automotive OEMs, startups and mobility service providers developing these new innovative solutions are proving safety compliance, meeting regulatory requirements, and achieving user acceptance. Our integrated software toolchain, in combination with IVEX's Safety Analytics tool solution, helps accelerate the safety validation of self-driving vehicles by considering a scenario-based approach in combination with well-defined safety metrics.

Benefits of using scenario-based verification and validation

  • Drastically improve testing and validation with more effective, accurate, and reliable results
  • Identify logical driving scenarios based on collected real road driving data
  • Re-use existing driving data for more realistic and efficient testing and validation
  • Bring new products to market in a shorter time while reducing costs

Explore the content below to learn more about a scenario-based approach to verification and validation.