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A large blue cargo ship on the ocean carrying cargo.

Multidisciplinary ship design solution

Marine engineering

Unify stakeholders at each stage of the marine engineering lifecycle with a multidisciplinary solution that encompasses design, validation and manufacturing.

Why marine engineering?

With the maritime industry demanding more advanced and sustainable vessels, disparate and disconnected solutions prevent design teams from designing efficiently. Design teams need a single source of truth and an integrated workflow that connects all the engineering teams involved in ship design. Discover how other companies are getting benefits from comprehensive marine engineering solutions. 


Increased fuel efficiency

Reduce fuel consumption with automated workflows and computational fluid dynamics (Bar Technologies).


Reduced development time

Reduce development time by up to 50% when implementing a PLM solution (Tech Clarity).


Reduced testing time

Reduce testing time by 20% using 3D simulation tools. Shorten the test cycle and save money with virtual prototyping (Brabant Engineering).

How do you keep up with the rising complexities of modern ship designs?

Shipbuilders require design and management systems that can effectively work with enormous amounts of data while enabling the design of entire classes of ships. Remove the barriers of disparate solutions to improve processes and efficiency with the digital twin for a multidisciplinary marine design software approach.

Leverage an end-to-end multidisciplinary ship engineering and manufacturing solution to connect teams with a seamless, integrated flow of information for collaborative and concurrent design for all maritime applications.

Gain advantage with end-to-end shipbuilding solutions

Leverage the digital twin to increase the speed of ship design for all marine design, at any stage of the ship design and production process.

Innovate with our 3D marine engineering design software

With marine engineering, speed up your design projects with seamless flow of information across the ship design stages and empower your designers to rapidly search, retrieve and work collaboratively on the end-to-end design process.

Continue to explore multidisciplinary capabilities at each stage.

A large cruise ship in a marina.

Initial ship design

  • Quickly define and analyze initial hull surfaces
  • Manipulate equipment and standard parts in 3D space to define ship’s general arrangement
  • Validate naval architecture with lightship weight and stability calculations
  • Validate vessel power system architecture exhaustively
A large yacht docked.

Functional ship design

  • Define major and minor structures as part of structural steel development
  • Create process diagrams and develop hydraulic and pneumatic control system schematics 
  • Create a functional electrical design with a systems approach to defining electrical control systems for the vessel
An aerial view of a cargo ship in the ocean.

Detailed ship design

  • Manage change throughout the project evolution with full topological connectivity between the design stages
  • Develop vessel structures and compartments with parametric definitions
  • Define your outfitting with fully integrated solutions for optimized cable routing and HVAC design
Portion of ship hull structure in construction on supports with a man in protective gear walking past.

Production ship design

  • Automate ship structure manufacturing assembly creation and re-organization to aid production planning
  • Optimize manufacturing output with plate manufacturing and nesting automation tools
  • Track progress, plan for cost & time and facilitate production sequencing

Explore marine engineering training and services

We offer numerous and varied on-demand training courses for marine engineering, as well as prescheduled courses open to individuals and companies. Our services for marine engineering solutions include implementation and commissioning support, maintenance and on-site support.

Implementation and commissioning

Following installation, we offer optional technical support during the commissioning period, either at your facilities or remotely, to prepare the solution in accordance with the procedures and methods of each shipyard.


We provide maintenance services that include annual updates and new features for our marine engineering solutions as well as permanent technical support via the internet, telephone and email.

On-site support

Upon request, we also provide on-site technical support so you can bolster your knowledge, develop optimal operational skills and get accustomed to the improvements and new functionalities introduced in recent launches.

Frequently asked questions

As the marine industry faces increasing pressure to adhere to sustainability legislation regulations, marine engineering software empowers shipbuilders to engineer new ship designs that integrate innovative propulsion systems and alternative fuel sources. These solutions equip shipbuilders with the tools they need to meet the rising demand for sustainable shipping while remaining efficient and reducing costs.

Multidisciplinary design software brings together the different disciplines of engineering required for shipbuilding— removing the barriers to innovation with an integrated set of product design, validation, manufacturing, collaboration and visualization tools in a unifying solution.

Steel structures, machinery, piping, HVAC, secondary steel and electrical cabling are all captured in the design environment and enables users in these disciplines to work together concurrently. This helps to deliver designs faster and with fewer interdisciplinary integration issues later in the design process. Data authored by the various disciplines can be visualized simultaneously and in real time. 

Our integrated design and marine engineering solutions can help shipbuilders design a range of vessels, including commercial ships, naval vessels and yachts.


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