Supplier Information - North America

To become a Siemens supplier, the following steps must be accomplished:

Submit required forms to your Siemens contact

For U.S. based suppliers, servicing the U.S.:

Beginning April 1, 2011, the appropriate form (590/California vendors, or 587/Vendors not located in California) will be an additional mandatory requirement.

For non-U.S.-based suppliers servicing the U.S.

The appropriate tax form is listed below. Non-U.S.-based suppliers should consult their tax advisor to determine which form is applicable for submission to Siemens PLM.

Also required:


Required forms for Canadian suppliers servicing Canada

The completed forms need to be returned to your Siemens contact.

Code of Conduct Additional Languages:

2) Register on the IOL Portal (Invoices On-Line)

This will provide E-Invoicing for Siemens Suppliers (Paper invoices will be rejected)

Important: Before a supplier can register on the IOL portal website, they must have their new Siemens PLM vendor remit number. This number is seven digits and will begin with a 5 (5xxxxxx). It will be provided to the supplier by their Siemens contact. This number can only be created after Siemens receives the required forms (step 1) back from the supplier.

This number is required to register on the IOL portal.

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