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Support Cloud specifications

Support Cloud is an entitlement available with Silver- or Gold-tier support. With Support Cloud, customers receive an out-of-the-box environment of a product or products that is on Silver or Gold support, with the listed specifications.

Support Cloud parameters


Project run time (months)



24 GB
(e.g., 3 machines with 8 GB running parallel)

Storage overall

2000 GB
(e.g., 20 machines with 100 GB)

Firewall restriction on customer IP address

Up to 2

Import or export of VM templates



Up to 5

Site2Site VPN


Graphic card

1 x nVidiaM60

Microsoft SQL Server Standard

For 5 users

Microsoft Server OS License


3rd-Party licenses

Excluded. Optional access to local customer license

Access to VM templates

Up to 50 templates

Access to a self-service Cloud Portal or a public Cloud Provider (e.g., AWS)

Yes (e.g., https://gtac-cloud.de.hca.siemens.com/cloud/org/customer_name)


Up to 24x7

Support (Monday-Friday)

8-17 GMT+1

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