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Premium Support Services

Access a variety of support options, so you have dedicated help when you need it most.

Expanded services that enhance customer support

Our Premium Support Services provide expanded services that enhance our customer support plans. They provide flexibility for customers who need dedicated resources to manage their support requests. They are also ideal for customers who want more personalized support services or need dedicated technical resources familiar with their environment.

Our Premium Support is part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, a comprehensive and integrated set of software and services.

Premium Support offers two options that can be deployed across all Siemens software solutions. Support options can be used separately or alongside each other:

  • Support account manager
  • Dedicated support engineer


  • Dedicated resources that enhance your support plan
  • A single point of management and oversight for all support issues
  • In-depth knowledge of your environment to reach resolutions faster
  • Subject matter experts who answer questions that help with product adoption
  • Achievement of project goals with minimal disruption

Support account manager

A support account manager (SAM) is an experienced support manager who acts as a single point of contact and advocates for, and orchestrates, support activities across a customer organization.

SAM role

  • Proactively reviews/analyzes support needs across the product portfolio
  • Manages escalations and prioritizes issues
  • Provides regular status updates to key stakeholders
  • Addresses bottlenecks in issue resolution
  • Analyzes the dependencies of issues to ensure correct severity classification
  • Acts as a liaison between customers and product engineering

SAM deliverables

Weekly support reviews and reports

  • Priority alignment
  • Escalation review
  • Maintenance alignment
  • Customer roadblock discussion

Quarterly stakeholder review

  • Asses quality of support reviews
  • Performance metric and key performance indicators
  • Customer request overview, customer feedback

Enhanced problem report escalation process (customer care)

  • Prioritize fix development of issues with business urgency
  • Advocates for problem report resolution and desired functionality
  • Validate the resolution of IRs
  • Advise on product compatibility, upgrades and patches
  • Advise on recommended services and training that will improve productivity

SAM part numbers

Support Account Manager part numbers

Dates applicable

English [PDF]

December 1, 2023 - present

Dedicated support engineer

The dedicated support engineer (DSE) is a subject matter expert, dedicated to assist with product usage questions and proactive adoption support. A DSE will also resolve technical incidents faster through familiarity with your environment.

DSE role

  • Proactively supports the customer to maximize product use
  • Dedicated to providing product expertise and accelerated incident report (IR) resolution
  • Advocates for problem report (PR) resolution and desired functionality
  • Validates the resolution of IRs
  • Advises on product compatibility, upgrades, and patches
  • Advises on recommended services and training that will improve productivity

DSE deliverables

On-demand product assistance

  • Answer product/configuration questions
  • Share-screen and walk-through feature function usage

Speed-up IR resolution

  • Understand root causes faster
  • Understand impacted functions faster

Product recommendations

  • Proactively notify customers of existing or future releases that are impactful to configurations
  • Document high-level product topology documentation
  • Identify product compatibility dependencies

Enhanced problem report escalation process (customer care)

  • Prioritize and fix issues with business urgency

DSE part numbers

Dedicated Support Engineer part numbers

Dates applicable

English [PDF]

December 1, 2023 - present

Access Siemens Support Center

We have all the support resources you need in one easy-to-use location: personalized content, an extensive knowledgebase, a powerful search and an intuitive navigation.

In Support Center, you can:

  • Find the latest available product downloads
  • Search knowledgebase articles
  • View current videos
  • Access on-demand training
  • Join a community of experts
  • Access our Account Center
  • Open new cases
  • View the status of support cases
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