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Maximizing the value of your Simcenter MicReD systems
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How can you guarantee that all your past and future measurements are correctly calibrated? How can you ensure the optimal performance and accuracy of your Simcenter hardware? How do you minimize the risk of unexpected downtime?

We provide a high-quality service contract to optimize the accuracy and extend the lifetime of your MicReD hardware. The advantages of our extended warranty contracts include the following:

Receive trusted support
The Simcenter MicReD comprehensive and integrated portfolio of software and services from Siemens Digital Industries Software is backed up by an outstanding global customer support team.

Our team strives to provide a comprehensive support contract with multiple benefits and features to maximize the value of product adoption.

The maintenance contract includes access to the Siemens Support Center (support.sw.siemens.com) for license renewal, software updates, tech notes and support issue tracking.

Maintain system accuracy
With the Simcenter MicReD maintenance contract, we perform a yearly International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001-compliant calibration to maintain the accuracy of your system, thereby securing the reliability of your acquired data. An ISO-compiled test report and certification are provided.

Guarantee system availability
The Simcenter MicReD maintenance contract includes repair in the unlikely event of electronic failure. The contract guarantees that our Simcenter Customer Support engineer will prioritize the planning of repair intervention free of charge to minimize downtime.

Want to know more?
Contact your local office for all details of Simcenter MicReD maintenance services.

Maintenance levels

General maintenance

Service done at one of the Siemens offices


Service done at customer site


Performed by qualified customer support engineers


Help desk support


Corrective maintenance

12-month extended maintenance


Minimized downtime in case of system failure


Preventive maintenance

One calibration service per year


Firmware and software updates


Functional test (go/no-go)


Adjustment and calibration


Calibration report


(*) Conditions for the repair to be covered by the maintenance contract:
Main System must be covered by maintenance. Main systems are
Mechanical parts repairs are excluded:
• All equipment: chassis, frame, case, cables, connectors
• Simcenter DYNTIM: arm, motor, heater and stage
• Simcenter TERALED: sphere
• Simcenter POWERTESTER: cold-plates, fixtures, pipes, valves and sensors
Failures due to user mishandling or unauthorized system modifications are excluded.

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