Support plans

Maximize the value of our solutions with a support plan.

Find the resources you need in the Siemens Support Center.

Benefits of support plans

Get a Siemens product lifecycle management (PLM) software support plan to get the maximum value out of your solutions. With a support plan, you can increase efficiencies and achieve a more productive work environment, reduce downtime, continuously improve stability and usability to decrease avoidable costs, and focus more on regular maintenance and proactive support.

We offer three support plans:

  1. Standard
  2. Silver
  3. Gold

Select a package that most effectively meets your organization's needs.

Support plans






Basic Manufacturing Equipment & Services contract (required)

8x5 issue logging, support center, community
access, software downloads, documentation,
license management

Severity response commitments



SLAs, response times may vary by product

Support cloud environment

OOTB product environment

Customer care issue management

Defined escalation support for urgent issues

24x5 support

Continuous support for critical issues on weekdays

24x7 support

Continuous support for critical issues all week

Go-live support over weekends

Technical support center over weekends to escalate all upgrade blocking issues

Contact us

Americas +1 314 264 8499
Europe +44 (0) 1276 413200
Asia-Pacific +852 2230 3333

Support plan offerings

Increase efficiencies and provide a more productive work environment.

Standard support plan

The Standard support plan is the prerequisite and includes all basic-level support:

  • Solution center knowledgebase
  • Documentation
  • Data download/upload
  • License management
  • Hardware or software certification
  • Phone support
  • Web-based incident reporting

Silver support plan

The Silver support plan includes all the benefits of Standard support and provides additional value-added services such as:

  • 24x5 support coverage
  • Faster severity response commitments
  • Support collaboration environment
  • Customer care issue management

The 24x5 support coverage is designed for customers that need extended support for critical issues to maximize productivity around the clock during weekdays.

A support collaboration environment is an out-of-the-box (OOTB) product cloud environment, which is available on request for working support issues.

Customer care issue management ensures that issues tagged as business urgent are assigned to a senior support representative who oversees the issue. This designated resource works with the customer to define a communication plan and keep the customer updated until the issue is resolved.

Gold support plan

The Gold support plan extends support time and focuses on sustaining your 24x7 operations. Gold includes all Standard and Silver support services, plus:

  • 24x7 support coverage
  • Fastest severity response commitments
  • Weekend upgrade go-live support

The 24x7 support coverage is designed for customers who require uninterrupted support for critical issues by a dedicated team, including weekend requests.

Weekend upgrade go-live support is designed for customers who need special support during software rollouts or upgrade projects to confirm that technical or software issues can be quickly addressed or escalated. You can plan two rollout projects per year; all go-live blocking issues are automatically escalated.

Access Siemens Support Center

We have all the support resources you need in one easy-to-use location: personalized content, an extensive knowledgebase, a powerful search and an intuitive navigation. In the Support Center, you can:

  • Find the latest available product downloads
  • Search knowledgebase articles
  • View current videos
  • Access on-demand training
  • Join a community of experts
  • Access our Account Center
  • Open new cases
  • View the status of support cases
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