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Marketplace Agreements

These terms and conditions govern the use of the Siemens Digital Exchange marketplace by sellers and purchasers.

Marketplace Terms and Conditions

All PDFs are version 1.0, applicable beginning April 1, 2021. You can find previous and retired versions here.

Marketplace Terms of Use

The following terms govern your use of the Siemens Digital Exchange marketplace.

Marketplace Seller Agreement

The Marketplace Seller Agreement applies to Sellers participating in the Siemens Digital Exchange Marketplace.

Related Terms

See terms and conditions related to the Marketplace Agreements.

Supplemental Terms

The Supplemental Terms set out the license models, applicable maintenance and support terms and other portfolio-related or use case-specific terms. Supplemental terms are identified on the order form by unique alphanumeric codes.

Acceptable Use Policy

As a safeguard for all our customers and users that enjoy our cloud services, the Acceptable Use Policy sets forth basic rules applicable to the use of any cloud services of Siemens Digital Industries Software.