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SVRF/TVF Technology

This file includes SVRF/TVF Technology owned by Siemens Industries Software Inc. or its affiliates (collectively, “SISW”). “SVRF/TVF Technology” means SISW’s proprietary Standard Verification Rule Format (“SVRF”) and Tcl Verification Format (“TVF”) languages for expressing process rules. SVRF/TVF Technology constitutes or contains trade secrets and confidential information of SISW and any use is subject to the terms of SISW’s standard End User License Agreement together with the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Supplemental Terms.

SVRF/TVF Technology may be used solely with SISW EDA Software products, by your company’s employees and on-site contractors, excluding EDA Competitors, who are under obligations of confidentiality and whose job performance requires access for your internal business purposes. For purposes of this paragraph, “EDA Competitor” means any individual or entity that is in the business of developing, marketing, or providing electronic design automation solutions including but not limited to applications software, intellectual property, and embedded products, or associated consulting and support services.