Corrective and preventive action system

A corrective and preventive action (CAPA) system streamlines corrective and preventive actions, reducing the cost of quality.

A CAPA system performs corrective and preventive action by analyzing a manufacturing problem, finding the root cause, correcting it, and documenting the correction. CAPA software captures various forms of complaints, defects, and non-conformances. The CAPA system provides a formal process to systematically investigate, analyze, and resolve identified issues. Streamlining the definition of measures to prevent reoccurrences of the problem, an effective CAPA system also reports results in a simple, intuitive user experience.

An advanced CAPA system resolves closed-loop issues and enables manufacturers to identify, analyze, and share critical product quality data across the enterprise. With an effective CAPA system, design, manufacturing and quality improvement teams can share the same views of the information they need to impact Six Sigma and Lean initiatives directly. CAPA software provides visibility into critical product quality characteristics, failures/non-conformances, and resolutions to these issues for smarter decisions across a global, extended enterprise.

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Understand the benefits

An effective CAPA system streamlines corrective and preventive actions by automating the process through configurable workflows. It also improves problem resolution times and increases the visibility of CAPA efforts to all stakeholders.

Demonstrated compliance with standards

Provide a structured and automated approach that helps organizations meet regulatory requirements and industry standards for quality management.

Improved closure results

Enhance effectiveness in resolving issues, reducing rework instances and mitigating the risk of repeated problems, ultimately leading to more efficient and reliable corrective and preventive actions.

Data analysis

Efficiently retrieve critical data for analysis and trend identification, enhancing the decision-making process for continuous improvement in quality and compliance.

How CAPA systems work

CAPA software can interrogate the full spectrum of control points in a manufacturing operation, including design, production and process, documents, materials, facilities, and equipment. This broad information domain means that a CAPA system can perform corrective and preventive action without the delays and potential inaccuracies created when critical data must be located on other systems and manually entered for analysis.

A CAPA system can manage and communicate corrective and preventive actions through automated workflows. This functionality closes the loop between issue capture and final resolution, positively impacting quality cost.

A CAPA system can also add value for engineering and manufacturing teams working on new product programs by making all deliverables, analysis, documentation and validation results retrievable for internal or external audits.

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