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Equipment maintenance management software

Equipment maintenance management software supports proactive problem resolution and optimal equipment scheduling.

What is equipment maintenance management software?

Equipment maintenance management software electronically tracks equipment usage and manages preventative and corrective maintenance. It automatically detects conditions that require maintenance to keep equipment performing at peak efficiency. Equipment maintenance management defines and tracks resource-centric maintenance requirements based on calendar date, usage time and throughput. After maintenance requirements are assigned to resources, enforcement occurs during the execution of shop floor services.

Equipment maintenance management software's capabilities ensure that a manufacturer's equipment is valid and certified for its intended use. Equipment maintenance management software ensures that equipment adheres to proper calibration and maintenance schedules. Equipment that is not certified cannot be used for production.

Equipment maintenance management software supports proactive problem resolution and optimal equipment scheduling. It automatically tracks and schedules maintenance based on time or usage, including enforcing of predefined job process flows.

High-volume production pressures, cost reduction programs and equipment reliability are issues that manufacturers face daily. Included are complex regulations, higher quality demands and continuous improvement initiatives. Today's lean manufacturing includes ensuring equipment availability and reliability. Effectively managing these priorities requires a maintenance management solution that enables access to information such as equipment preventive maintenance schedules and enforces resource qualification and availability.

Equipment maintenance management software for visibility and control

Equipment maintenance management software provides visibility and control to drive productivity and improve efficiency. Keep equipment performing at peak efficiency.

  • Manage and enforce maintenance schedules
  • Reduce maintenance costs through a proactive approach
  • Ensure compliance with resource qualifications
  • Decrease costly production line stoppages due to equipment failure
  • Adhere to manufacturing best practices

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Understand the benefits

Equipment maintenance management software provides comprehensive resource tracking and maintenance scheduling.


The software offers full integration with manufacturing processes for closed-loop visibility.

Configure maintenance requirement schedules

Configure maintenance requirement schedules based on throughput, elapsed time, and specific and recurring dates.

E-mail notifications

Designate who will receive e-mail notifications about pending, due, and past-due maintenance.

Simple management

Easily activate and deactivate maintenance requirements and automate diagnostic and troubleshooting equipment procedures.

Maintenance scheduling

Create tasks for preventive and corrective maintenance activity.

Calibration and testing

Integrate calibration specifications and test procedures into maintenance, repair and overhaul tasks.

Maximize productivity and efficiency

Equipment maintenance management software helps you track equipment usage, manage maintenance schedules, make resources available or unavailable, and define qualified resources that can be selected when starting work at an operation. When equipment undergoes preventative maintenance, it is automatically made unavailable. Once the maintenance is complete, the equipment is brought back online and made available for production.

With equipment maintenance management software, you can track resource usage based on elapsed time, usage time and production quantities, and, based on predefined limits, ensure that production does not overrun maintenance requirements. It provides visibility into resource issues and a detailed history of all past activities. Without this level of visibility, it would be virtually impossible to determine true performance values for equipment.

Proactive equipment maintenance management

Equipment maintenance management software allows you to create a proactive environment through preventative maintenance. A typical reactive break-and-fix approach can stop critical production lines and jeopardize your ability to meet customer demand. The reactive approach also increases maintenance costs through overtime and charges on goods shipped late.

Enforced compliance with equipment qualifications

Complete integration with a manufacturing execution system (MES) ensures equipment availability and qualification before use. Correct operator equipment selection is enforced on the shop floor at all times.

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