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Manufacturing intelligence

Manufacturing intelligence or enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) is a software solution that pulls together data from diverse sources across a manufacturer’s operations, then produces reports, analysis, dashboards, and other useful tools that help enhance manufacturing performance.

What is manufacturing intelligence?

Enterprise manufacturing intelligence software is a key component of closed-loop manufacturing (CLM): it provides both near-real-time visibility of manufacturing operations and deeper insights that can be fed back to design and engineering teams to support continuous process and product improvement.

Data sources for manufacturing intelligence include enterprise resource management (ERP) and other business systems, plus the systems that make up the manufacturing operations management (MOM) ecosystem: manufacturing execution system (MES), quality management system (QMS), advanced planning and scheduling (APS), and formula design and specifications management.

Manufacturing intelligence software generates a unified, accessible analytical data model, giving manufacturers the ability to explore contextualized data and gain insights into actual manufacturing operations in comparison to engineering plans and product designs. That is, it generates an as-produced Digital Twin that provides a direct point of comparison to the planned Digital Twin of Product and Process.

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Manufacturing intelligence benefits

Manufacturing intelligence improves collaboration and data exchange between manufacturing operations and enterprise systems, whether at the level of an individual plant or across all a manufacturer’s facilities. Users gain a more complete perspective on manufacturing operations.

Near-real time visibility

Monitor and analyze production operations promptly, enabling quick response to issues, optimizing resource utilization and fostering proactive decision-making.

Identification of performance trends

Discern patterns over time, facilitating data-driven decision-making, predictive maintenance and continuous optimization for enhanced overall manufacturing efficiency.

Manufacturing insights for continuous improvement

Gain actionable data and analysis, fostering innovation and enabling manufacturers to adapt and optimize their operations in response to evolving challenges and opportunities.

Remote access

Access real-time manufacturing data and analysis from anywhere, facilitating collaboration, decision-making, and monitoring of operations, thereby enhancing overall operational flexibility and efficiency.

Improve analysis

Derive deeper insights from diverse data sources, enabling more accurate and informed strategic decisions that drive operational efficiency and continual refinement of manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing intelligence functionality

Architectural setup - Enterprise manufacturing intelligence is based on a modern architecture that supports levels of data visibility and analytical capabilities, centralized or distributed deployment flexibility and options for on-premises or cloud-based operations.

Data exposition - Context-driven data navigation and openness in the selection of visualization tools make it easy for each stakeholder to retrieve needed information quickly.

Data management - Applying the ISA-95 international industry-standard manufacturing analytical model (MAM), manufacturing intelligence creates a manufacturing data warehouse (MDW). Third-party software can connect to the manufacturing data warehouse and retrieve data. Manufacturing data warehouse also supports analyses of production operations down to the IoT level.

Engineering and configuration - Enterprise manufacturing intelligence enables the preparation of manufacturing data for analyses and scenario creation for development, testing, quality assurance or production operations.

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