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Digital Product Experience

Digital Product Experience

To enable users to benefit from our personalized Digital Product Experience the collection of personalized data is necessary. The Digital Product Experience is designed to enable users to use Siemens Digital Industries Software offerings more effectively by providing a personalized user experience, such as getting started training, in-app notifications, email reminders, and more. With the digital experience the users will realize the value with the solution more efficiently. The Digital Product Experience does not contain any marketing outreach.

How does it work?

Siemens Digital Industries Software products may collect data which will be sent in a secure and encrypted way to Siemens Digital Industries Software. This data allows us to provide a personalized digital product experience to help users make use of the software offerings more effectively and to accelerate users’ adoption of the respective offerings.

The data collection occurs in the background while the software offering is being used. It does not affect performance or functionality. No intellectual property information is collected.

What data is sent?

The data collected can vary by software product and by release. Siemens Digital Industries Software may collect the following data:

  • Personal identifiers (unique user ID, email)
  • Installation information
  • The features you use, and how you use them.
  • The operating environment (e.g.: OS, RAM, graphics, etc.)
  • The product version
  • Other indications of user interaction
  • Company name

Digital Product Experience is an optional feature. If you do not want the data above to be collected and do not want to benefit from your personalized experience, you can deactivate this option in the software through the settings or preference menu.

For more details on Siemens Digital Industries Software personal data processing practices please see our Siemens Digital Industries Software Data Privacy Notice.