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Product Excellence Program

This program is designed to protect the privacy of users and the intellectual property created through the use of Siemens Digital Industries Software offerings.

Siemens Digital Industries Software collects information about the use of our products by customers. This information helps us improve our product features and functionality to meet our customers' needs better. Participation is voluntary.

How does it work?

The Product Excellence Program collects data that will be sent securely and encrypted to Siemens Digital Industries Software for analysis. By examining usage patterns from many people, we gain insight into how the products are used and how to improve our offerings for future releases. Data collection occurs in the background as the offering is used and does not affect performance or functionality.

What data is sent?

The data collected can vary by software offering and by release. Siemens Digital Industries Software may collect the following data:

  • Pseudonymized User ID
  • Installation information
  • The features you use and how you use them.
  • The operating environment (e.g., OS, RAM, graphics, etc.)
  • The product version
  • Other indications of user interaction
  • Company name

There is no contact information in the data, and Siemens Digital Industries Software will not contact you by phone or email due to the data collected. No information about the data you create or manage with our offerings is collected.

Transfer and disclosure of personal data

Siemens Digital Industries Software may transfer data to its affiliated companies or third parties - e.g., sales partners or suppliers.


You have the right to revoke the consent that allows Siemens Digital Industries Software to collect data under the Product Excellence Program at any time with effect for the future by selecting "DECLINE" on the Data Privacy tab, which can be typically found in the settings or preference menu of the offerings.

For more details on Siemens Digital Industries Software's personal data processing practices, please see our Siemens Digital Industries Software Data Privacy Notice.