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Vehicle Electrification solution for automotive

Vehicle electrification is reshaping the automotive industry by necessitating fundamental changes in product development, manufacturing, business strategies, and customer engagement. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers that adapt to these disruptions effectively stand to benefit from the shift toward more sustainable and technologically advanced transportation solutions.

Our Vehicle Electrification software solution for the automotive industry assists engineers in accelerating electric vehicle (EV) design, verification, and validation while considering manufacturing implications upfront. By minimizing the amount of time required to transform designs from one platform to another, automotive manufacturers can rapidly expand their EV portfolio with safe, reliable, and comfortable electric options that their customers want to buy.

Benefits of end-to-end vehicle electrification

Siemens' Vehicle Electrification solution is a fully integrated end-to-end solution built on a digital thread that creates a seamless, synchronized environment to build synergy across design and engineering. It helps automotive manufacturers adapt to the evolving electric vehicle market by enabling the following:

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Collaborative virtual development environment

Connect the entire value chain to transform EV architectures quickly, avoid expensive errors, shorten time to market and launch on schedule.

Comprehensive design and optimization simulation

Use multi-physics models of complex systems to integrate prior design elements rapidly, balance vehicle attributes across systems and accelerate verification and validation.

End-to-end production management

Develop processes upfront and in the context of product design to identify inefficiencies, drive quality excellence, maximize throughput, minimize downtime, launch flawlessly and ramp up quickly.