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Trends and solutions for electronics & semiconductor

Digitalization seems to be a must in the current competitive environment to respond to the needs of modern electronics: more part numbers, smaller lot sizes, more line changeovers, faster time to market. However, as there are many barriers in the process of transformation, companies are trying to find the best way to go forward.

These webinars will not only show what tools are chosen by best in class manufacturing companies (webinar 1), how you can acquire and analyze data to use the Digital Twin in a smart way (webinar 2), but also how you could automated solution manage your material ensuring material replenishment almost to zero (webinar 3).

In the Smart Manufacturing Webinar Series, you will take a closer look at Industry 4.0 best practices. You will see how the current trends address the challenges of modern electronics (webinar 4), how to digitalize manufacturing planning (webinar 5), and manufacturing execution (webinar 6).

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