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EV road noise prediction using integrated NVH solutions

Vehicle road noise is a significant concern in electric vehicles (EVs) due to the absence of engine noise. Considering the multitude of vehicle variants, addressing road noise via measurement campaigns is no longer an option. Digitalization is key, yet simulating and predicting road noise is notoriously difficult. The complex interactions of the four tires with different road surfaces make solving road noise intricate. The fact that tires are sourced from suppliers adds to the complexity and makes it a joint responsibility.

Predicting NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) performance in EVs can address road noise issues early in development and enhance vehicle comfort. Simcenter NVH solutions combine simulation, testing, and engineering expertise while utilizing proven NVH methods and technologies to predict road noise earlier and throughout the vehicle development process without needing a physically assembled vehicle or prototype.

Mitigating vehicle road noise

Discover solutions to:

  • Combine existing and/or simulated subsystems to represent tire, suspension and body
  • Gain insights into evaluating different design alternatives
  • Assess NVH levels at target locations and virtually assemble a vehicle prototype
  • Listen to the produced noise and feel its behavior prior to a physical prototype

By virtually assembling vehicle prototypes and assessing NVH levels using Simcenter NVH simulation solutions, automotive manufacturers can frontload NVH performance, reduce the need for physical prototypes, and evaluate design alternatives. This approach improves collaboration, reduces costs, and allows the assessment of NVH performance at any stage of development.