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What is lifecycle management for electronics?

In electronics, managing a product from start to finish involves integrating people, data, processes and business systems. This approach, known as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), streamlines information flow, helping companies innovate, adapt and deliver high-quality products on time and within budget.

Optimize lifecycles through integrated data management

Realize the advantages of integrated data management. Electronics manufacturers are better equipped to handle complex product data and safeguard intellectual property, ensuring right the first time products with timely contextual information.


Improved business agility

Reduce the risk of data theft and malware that cripples product development. Use PLM solutions to enhance data security by leveraging the expertise of the provider and its cloud partner. (Forrester Research)


Reduction in processing time for quotations

Respond to customer inquiries more quickly, improve project timelines and allocate more time to value-added tasks with faster quotation processing. (elobau)


Require multiple engineering change orders

Minimize engineering change orders to accelerate next-gen product launches while ensuring compliance, meeting deadlines and staying in budget. Excessive changes lead to delays, added costs and compliance risks. (Aberdeen Group)


Leverage a single source of truth

From concept to production, capture data throughout each stage of the lifecycle. Explore our three tracks of digital transformation. These solutions are designed to inspire next-generation electronics, streamline compliance and improve the quality of electronic products.

Deliver products faster by managing complexity with a shared product vision. With a focus on seamless alignment of strategic goals, harnessing the power of automated workflows and optimizing resources, we bring unparalleled efficiency to managing complex projects.

  • Streamline your objectives with our solution to ensure every step moves you closer to success, eliminating wasted effort and enhancing clarity across your organization
  • Empower your team with cutting-edge automation tools that automate repetitive tasks, reduce errors and free up valuable time for innovation and strategic thinking
  • Maximize the utilization of your resources, from personnel to materials, with our solution's advanced optimization capabilities, resulting in streamlined project management and significant time and cost savings

Achieve more with our PLM solutions:

Experience the advantages of PLM solutions for your business, including faster time-to-market, improved product quality and reduced development costs.


Faster engineering change order cycle times

By implementing efficient processes and collaborative tools, Teradyne reduced engineering change order cycle times from 90 days to 14 days. (Teradyne)


Less time spent on data management

T.RAD cut time spent on tasks like registering and re-using design data by 80%. (T.RAD)


Productivity boost saves $2M annually

Teradyne automated processes and increased accuracy, saving $2 million annually in change management costs while maintaining engineering and manufacturing output. (Teradyne)

Case Study


工程变更单周期缩短 84%,每年节省 200 万美元
Case Study

工程变更单周期缩短 84%,每年节省 200 万美元


行业:Electronics, Semiconductor devices

位置:美国马萨诸塞州, United States

Siemens 软件:Microsoft SQL Server Runtime (Standard Edition) Core, Teamcenter

Before, if you wanted to find an engineering document, you needed to know where it was physically stored, in which system, on which file share and in which folder. Now, we’re able to collect both the engineering information and the other unstructured data – which is usually tenfold larger in size – all in one place.
Chuck Ciali, Chief Information Officer, Teradyne
Lean electronic product development

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Embrace cohesive engineering collaboration to accelerate new products and gain an edge in fast markets. Our solutions offer digital transformation for continuous improvement, enabling the development of empowering technologies that help achieve more. We ensure compliant products meet deadlines and budgets from concept to market by prioritizing collaboration, quality and data integration for successful launches.

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Optimize the electronics lifecycle with PLM solutions

Product lifecycle management

Electronics compliance

Electronics quality control

Electronics supply chain management


Electronics BOM management

Frequently asked questions

PLM software fosters seamless collaboration among electronics engineers by providing a unified platform for sharing data, streamlining workflows and facilitating real-time communication. With features like centralized data management and integrated design tools, engineers can collaborate more effectively across disciplines, ensuring faster product development and improved innovation.

Our PLM solutions offer numerous benefits to the electronics industry. By providing comprehensive tools for product lifecycle management, we enable companies to streamline processes, reduce time to market, improve product quality and enhance collaboration across engineering disciplines. Additionally, these solutions facilitate compliance with industry regulations and standards, ultimately leading to greater efficiency, innovation and competitiveness in the electronics market.

By integrating design, simulation, and manufacturing processes, our tools optimize the entire product lifecycle, from concept design to manufacturing, ensuring quality, reliability and compliance. With advanced simulation and data management capabilities, we empower teams to collaborate effectively, minimize rework and achieve greater efficiency and innovation.

Our software simplifies electronics data management by providing intuitive tools and centralized storage. With our solution, teams can easily organize, access and collaborate on electronic data, ensuring efficiency and accuracy throughout the product development process.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions, including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and more, empowers electronics engineering processes. These tools drive digital transformation, streamline design processes, ensure compliance with regulations, optimize cost management and facilitate collaboration across all stages of product development. By leveraging our software, companies can accelerate product innovation, improve productivity and gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced electronics industry.

Our product lifecycle management solutions for electronics engineering enhance product quality by integrating sustainability frameworks. These solutions ensure compliance with environmental regulations, optimize cost management and provide visibility into regulation compliance status throughout the product lifecycle. They streamline new product development and introduction cost management, improve insight into product cost drivers and enable smart manufacturing for efficient production processes.

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