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Využití integrovaného inženýrského softwaru

Představení nového produktu digitální vlákno

Představení nového produktu pro výrobu komponent

Zlepšete uvádění produktů na trh a dosáhněte vyšších výnosů. Využijte naše nástroje nové generace pro zavádění nových produktů (NPI) k rychlejšímu navrhování a dodávání ziskových, vysoce kvalitních konfigurovatelných komponent na trh. Snižte své výrobní náklady a zároveň zlepšete efektivitu výroby.

How can you accelerate component manufacturing?

Component manufacturers must leverage integrated engineering software throughout the product lifecycle to quickly navigate industrial machinery changes. With our solutions' powerful digital capabilities, your organization can successfully balance quality, cost and energy requirements to drive consistency in new product introductions, all while scaling your designs and accelerating time to market.

Optimize your component manufacturing process

Enhance knowledge sharing and standardize processes across departments to drive greater collaboration and alignment on new product development. Increase production while reducing costs, time and wasted resources.

Learn what our customers are achieving using our solutions.


Reduction in project execution time

Increase productivity, reduce project execution time by 20% and report fewer errors using NX and Teamcenter. (Burckhardt Compression)


Projects in target costing

Create reliable cost comparisons and double the amount of projects processed in target costing using product cost management software. (Festo)


Document duplication

Eliminate document duplication. Manage product development from the initial order to the delivery of its complete BOM to an ERP system. (Gate)


Improve the engineering process

Leverage an integrated system that combines the most critical solutions for rapid product design, development and delivery.

Explore the three key areas of NPI for component manufacturing. Our solutions are developed to meet your needs in each area:

Accelerate component manufacturing with us

Discover how our customers are transforming their component manufacturing processes with our solutions.

Ensure early design accuracy

Make correct design decisions earlier in the process and complete complex designs faster. (Werner Weitner)

Enhance operational efficiency

Achieve global control of the product development process and significantly increase operational efficiency. (Bonfiglioli)

Create optimized CAD geometry

Achieve optimized CAD geometry of mechanical components. (Studio Tecnico Zocca)

case study

Marquardt Group

Marquardt Group enhances product costing processes using Teamcenter
Case Study

Marquardt Group enhances product costing processes using Teamcenter

Firma:Marquardt Group

Odvětví:Automobilový průmysl a doprava, Electronics, Semiconductor devices

Umístění:Rietheim-Weilheim, Germany


The Teamcenter product costing solution provides better transparency, more precise cost information and was well accepted by all departments and project teams.
Karl Müller, Director of Product Design, Automotive Marquardt
Accelerate New Product Introduction

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With accelerated product introduction, you can perfect product launches to gain higher returns.

Manage variability without inflating costs

Solutions to accelerate your new product introduction

Comprehensive digital twin

Consolidated product data

Integrated quality and manufacturing

Product cost management

Requirements and verification management

Performance engineering

Frequently asked questions

What is the new product introduction process?

NPI is a structured process for transforming a product idea into a complete end-product that can be fully reproduced. An integrated NPI process ensures the product portfolio is in line with market demands, supporting modular, configurable design approaches.

How can I improve manufacturing efficiency?

Digitalization is crucial to improve processes in component manufacturing. Using our cloud-based tools, you can drive greater efficiency, velocity and revenue outcomes for your business. The digital twin provides a single view of all product data, including design, product planning, catalog creation and manufacturing domains. With this, you can align on product development goals and standardize processes for greater consistency — leading to higher quality assurance. Empower domains to balance and verify internal needs against changing customer requirements to expedite planning, scheduling, execution and delivery to market.

What are some cost savings ideas in manufacturing?

Leverage our digital solutions to help control product profitability in component manufacturing with early lifecycle cost reductions. Connect with supply chain vendors and distribution network partners sooner using the cloud to better understand and control external cost expenditures. Drive down energy use and implement cost-efficient, sustainable materials using the digital twin.

How do I reduce my manufacturing cost?

You can lower your manufacturing costs and increase your business’ profit margin using our digital solutions. Our solutions integrate cost management with design, quality, manufacturing and variability management in a robust, secure cloud infrastructure to drive alignment. Cost engineers can collaborate earlier, reducing miscommunications so that product development is focused on profitable, sustainable options. Enhance product reliability to secure repeat order revenue and leverage code reusability for swift customization and scalability to satisfy even more profitable commission requests than ever before.

How can I improve manufacturing quality?

Equipment and component manufacturers put quality first with the use of a quality management system (QMS) integrated with their product lifecycle management (PLM). A QMS by itself can track product defects and non-conformities, while also ensuring production is compliant with regulations, assurance standards and quality control protocols. By integrating quality systems and new product introduction development, manufacturers can produce higher quality components.

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