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Podnikový software pro správu kusovníků

Používáním jediného zdroje informací o výrobcích dokážete splnit požadavky na výrobky, jejichž počet exponenciálně roste. V zájmu zjednodušení správy výrobků zaveďte proces vytváření kusovníků založený na spolupráci, který je snadno přístupný, přehledný a efektivní.

Why use enterprise BOM management software?

Product requirements are becoming increasingly complex as customers demand more personalized and sustainable products. At the same time, manufacturers are still expected to deliver products quickly, cost-effectively and at premium quality. Addressing these challenges requires a single source of product information which contains all product data, relationships and variant definitions between data elements.

Enterprise BOM management solutions establish a digital thread backbone for an organization. They are the key enabler for cross-domain collaboration, providing context and traceability to stakeholders across the entire product lifecycle.

According to CIMdata:


of companies have products with 30,000 to 1,000,000 parts, and their product complexity is increasing.


of companies report that they manage a unique BOM for each product variant.


of companies claim that using multiple BOM systems hinders their business and makes adding or updating variants difficult.

How can you improve team collaboration, streamline processes and easily connect tools and data to deliver complex, customized multi-domain products faster and more cost-effectively?

Implement an enterprise BOM management solution. Integrate all product lifecycle information in a unified environment by linking end-to-end processes, systems and data from design, engineering, manufacturing and service domains.

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What can enterprise BOM management software do for you?

An enterprise BOM management solution transforms the development and management processes of products and variants. Spanning the entire product lifecycle, it leverages digital threads that connect functional disciplines, simplifies reuse and manages productivity and change.

Increase BOM management visibility

Author, manage and release your BOM in an integrated, unified process to create a digital representation of your product. Connect your enterprise with a multi-domain engineering BOM (EBOM). Take control with change and configuration management — all using product lifecycle management (PLM) software.

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Develop engineering BOM

  • Manage effectivities
  • Create, define and reuse parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • Define substitutes and solution variants, baselines and characteristics
  • Set up service BOM (SBOM) and as-maintained structures
  • Transfer parts and BOMs to manufacturing execution system
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Validate engineering BOM

  • Visualize and validate digital mockup of the product
  • Perform clearance analysis
  • View carbon footprint data and product cost
  • Consume assembly-level product and manufacturing information
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Manage manufacturing BOM

  • Plan early manufacturing BOM (MBOM)
  • Define detailed process: detailed MBOM and bill of process
  • Release MBOM
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Engineer-to-order automation

  • Capture and manage engineering and business rules for products
  • Generate engineer-to-order (ETO) proposals for customer inquiries
  • Configure parametric computer-aided design (CAD) assemblies
  • Create manufacturing datapacks
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Product variability

  • Develop product families, features and rule set for product variants
  • Develop sales and technical architectures
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Create service BOM

  • Create and update SBOM
  • Design support equipment
  • Create service kits and packaging
  • Define service parts or tools
Teamcenter X

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Try Teamcenter X — complete with an integrated BOM solution — and discover the power of software as a service (SaaS) PLM. Quickly and cost-effectively boost BOM visibility, automate your BOM and allow everyone from engineering to service to easily access the BOM from anywhere.

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What PLM solution is best for you?

G2 ranks products based on customer reviews. G2 named Teamcenter the best PLM software for any size company — outperforming 99 others. Take a look at the PLM software comparison grid to see the top ranking for Teamcenter.

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Top PLM software leadership recognition

Teamcenter is recognized by Forrester Research as a leader in PLM.

Teamcenter received the highest possible scores in more criteria than any other evaluated vendor in The Forrester Wave™: Product Lifecycle Management for Discrete Manufacturers, Q1 2023 report.

Forrester wave leader 2023 PLM for discrete manufacturers award banner.
The Teamcenter Product Configurator is an important part of our global PLM strategy. By leveraging a single source of truth for multi-disciplinary product configuration data across the entire product lifecycle, ENERCON is positioned to remain at the forefront of technological advancements in the wind energy industry.
Sebastian Heinzel, Product Owner, Senior Consultant PLM, ENERCON

Implement BOM management software with trusted support

Start your enterprise BOM management journey with ease. Our support and service offerings will guide you along the way.

Deploy your way

Implement Teamcenter X to manage your BOM in the cloud using a provider of your choice, or SaaS by Siemens. Or deploy Teamcenter on-premise and manage with your IT team. It is not just a large enterprise solution.

Access training

Adopt Teamcenter and master its elements with ease. Get on-demand and instructor-led training.

Join the community

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Frequently asked questions

An enterprise BOM management solution represents a single product information source. It contains all the product information, relationships and variant definitions between data elements needed to support the perspectives of different domains across the product lifecycle. It establishes a digital thread backbone for the organization, allowing your teams to gain better control over requirements, efficiently manage data across various BOMs and precisely track different configurations.

Our enterprise BOM management solution is based on our best-in-class PLM solution. This allows companies to manage all their multi-domain product BOM content and CAD designs. It also empowers teams to better organize documents, automate key processes and visualize their products in a single environment — which is becoming the standard. In addition, PLM enables the most comprehensive digital twin to help you seamlessly design and simulate products and processes before the real launch. As a result, you can avoid expensive physical prototypes, late error discoveries and rework, and instead ensure expected performance, safety and sustainability while offering customization at competitive price.

With the enterprise BOM approach or a "multi-view BOM approach," a consolidated information resource contains all information and maintains all relationships among data elements needed to support engineering, manufacturing and service domains. This capability is built on a PLM-enabled digital thread spanning the extended enterprise. The primary advantage of this approach is automated reconciliation and synchronization across domain views. Enterprise change is timely and efficient throughout, while also meeting the needs of the full product lifecycle.

It is now possible to realize the vision of a single environment for enterprise BOM management with the added benefits of a cloud-based SaaS PLM solution. Cloud-based SaaS PLM solutions offer built-in best practices that enable quicker, more accurate BOM creation and management.

With our PLM solution, Teamcenter X, which is built for the cloud, companies of all sizes can benefit from a cloud offering that gets you up and running from day one. Our solution features an easy and accessible user experience, helping you to onboard teams quickly and improve time to value. It provides instant, real-time access for all stakeholders, wherever they are based. With web-based access and no installation, it enables them to work from any device at home, in the office or on the factory floor. The cloud-based SaaS solution also provides greater flexibility than on-premises PLM. With no perpetual license to purchase, you have the flexibility to test new functionalities and add new users as required to scale up or down and meet changing business needs.

A key advantage of Teamcenter X is that we take care of software management and updates, simplifying deployment and eliminating unpredictable costs. We ensure your software is always up to date, providing peace of mind with our industry-standard cybersecurity and privacy protections.

Many different teams from various domains across the organization are involved in product development, and they all participate in product definition and management across the lifecycle. They all create and use BOMs, and each of them have a unique view of what that BOM is, what it contains, and how it should be structured and managed. When multiple BOMs are created and maintained separately by different teams using different tools and systems, it is difficult to transfer and synchronize BOM information quickly and accurately across domains.

As product complexity grows, so do the BOMs themselves. It is more important than ever for companies to adopt an enterprise BOM management solution to stay on top of these complexities. With BOM management software, your company can improve quality, time to market and cost effectiveness by:

  • Eliminating the time and effort for reconciliation and synchronization of various BOMs (EBOM, MBOM, SBOM, etc.)
  • Reducing cost and quality issues resulting from the use of inaccurate data
  • Eliminating time and effort to validate data
  • Reducing lead time and increasing the efficiency and quality of supplier collaboration resulting from trusted data
  • Increasing the efficiency and quality of production resulting from timely processing of engineering, manufacturing and procurement requested changes

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