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Move your machine shop faster with Zel X. Affordable, browser-based software makes it easier to handle quotes, manage jobs, make parts, and share information. With simple tools in an app designed with your needs in mind, the whole team can get started quickly, and you can win more business.

Why you need Zel X

How do you make the information you keep on whiteboards, sticky notes and spreadsheets easier to find and share? What if the answer was a simple, affordable tool and the hardware you already have? Now you can get exactly what you need from CAD, CAM, ERP and RFQ tools, in one browser-based app. 

Secure storage, wherever your work takes you

With 500 GB of included storage plus an additional 5 GB per license, pooled across your team, you can share even the largest files from anywhere. Browser-based access from any device helps you get your job done from the office, from home, or at the customer site. And with Siemens Digital Industries Software as your vendor, you can rest easy knowing the security is our top priority.

Get started right away, without hardware or IT investments

Browser-based access to Zel X means you can access the tools you need instantly, using your existing front office hardware – including Windows PCs, Chromebooks, Macbooks, iPads, Androids, iPhones and tablets. Software updates are delivered in real time, without the need for IT support. For shop floor machining centers without an internet connection, GCode can be exported to a USB drive.

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Get started today

Zel X trial

Try it for yourself with instant access to a free trial of Zel X. Experience browser-based access to professional toolsets, right-sized for your business.

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Everything you need, sized right for your size business

Access proven design, manufacturing and engineering toolsets made for your industry, scalable to your business, and available when you need them.

Easy deployment and instant access, anywhere

Access this browser-based solution instantly from any device. Enhancements are automatically rolled into the product without expensive, time-consuming upgrades.

Cost-effective access to functionality

Don't pay more for overly complex, overloaded tools. Get easy-to-use functionality that's right for your business without the costs of hardware and IT overhead.

Integrated tools that scale with you

Zel X provides a single solution to replace the many tools you would otherwise buy separately. This means less administration and more seamless integration.

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