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Speed your contract and part manufacturing processes, from request for quotation (RFQ) to part delivery. Access integrated modern tools that make it easier to handle quotes, manage jobs and work orders, make parts, and collaborate with teams of all sizes.

Why you need Zel X

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Everything you need, sized right for your size business

Access leading design, manufacturing and engineering tools made for your industry, scalable to your business, and available when you need them.

Cost-effective access to functionality

Don't pay more for overly complex, overloaded tools. Get easy-to-use functionality that's right for your business without the added costs of hardware and IT overhead.

Integrated tools that scale with you

Zel X provides a single solution to replace the many tools you would otherwise buy separately. This means less administration and more seamless integration.

Easy deployment and continuous updates

Access this browser-based solution instantly from any device. Enhancements are automatically rolled into the product without expensive, time-consuming upgrades.