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Sony XR head-mounted display for NX Immersive Designer

Experience CAD in the industrial metaverse.

Designed by Sony in NX, for NX

The next generation of product engineering is immersive. That means you need a virtual headset that pairs seamlessly with immersive CAD software to bridge the gap between the real and digital worlds.

The Sony XR head-mounted display (HMD) delivers the most precise and natural way to experience, interact and collaborate in 3D. With stunning visual fidelity, matched with dynamic software and hardware integration, you can experience immersive engineering with the smoothest workflows. 


Up to 30%

increase in operational efficiency through stereoscopic modeling

Immersive Engineering

See it. Try it. Feel it.

Natilus is using immersive technology from Siemens to develop the next generation of cargo aircraft and reinvent the global air transport industry.  

Learn how the Sony XR head-mounted display and Siemens NX™ Immersive Designer software enable the engineers at Natilus to view designs at human scale, in a real-time collaborative environment, before creating physical prototypes.

Sony HMD specifications






4K per eye

Video see-through (VST):

X2 RGB cameras


Ring and pointing


Qualcomm Snapdragon® XR2+ Gen 2 chip




Hand and eye tracking






Stand-alone and PC tethered

*Currently, NX Immersive Designer is the only software available for this Sony head-mounted display.

By combining our technologies and Siemens’ expertise in engineering, we are excited to enable more immersive engineering that redefines the daily workflow of designers and engineers. The high-quality, realistic rendering and intuitive interaction will give creators tools to pursue a more immersive creative processes that fuels further innovation in the industrial metaverse.
Yoshinori Matsumoto, Executive Deputy President, Technology and Incubation, Sony Corporation

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Engineers using Sony VR with Siemens NX Immersive Designer to work on a race car steering wheel.

What is hardware without software?


Meet NX Immersive Designer — your bridge from the physical to the digital world.

The Sony HMD works exclusively with Siemens NX Immersive Designer. With the power of this duo at your fingertips, you can finally unite the real and digital worlds into one.

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