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Siemens Xcelerator is our open digital business platform that will accelerate digital transformation. Now companies of all sizes can access the digital technologies to transform the way they compete, collaborate and connect.

Accelerate your company with Siemens Xcelerator.

Xcelerator as a Service: welcome to the digital future

Imagine a company that collaborates with its suppliers, vendors, partners and customers; where all your engineers work simultaneously on the next product launch; a company that scales as it grows. This company could be you – with our Xcelerator as a Service offering.

Siemens Xcelerator customer stories

Our customers partner with us to access the best-in-class digital solutions that foster innovation. This leads to improved time-to-market, reduced production costs, better collaboration and increased efficiencies. Discover how our software brings the possibilities of tomorrow to our customers today.

A Comprehensive Cloud Solution That Solves The Big Problems

Digital transformation video playlist

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A Comprehensive Cloud Solution That Solves The Big Problems

(58 secs)


Sintavia Customer Journey

(2 mins, 20 secs)


Where Today Meets Tomorrow

(1 min, 32 secs)


Xcelerator Video. Overview

(52 secs)


Tokamak Energy Customer Journey

(3 mins, 11 secs)


Xcelerator: adaptable and personalized solutions

(52 secs)


Mindsphere AI Industries

(2 mins, 45 secs)


Nemo's Garden

(1 min, 26 secs)


Xcelerator Infoanimation

(1 min, 35 secs)


Polar Electro uses Xcelerator to create cutting edge fitness devices

(1 min, 5 secs)


Bye Aerospace: Building tomorrow's aircraft with Siemens Xcelerator

(1 min, 1 sec)


Siemens Xcelerator - Embrace Digital Transformation

Learn more about our comprehensive and integrated portfolio of engineering software, services, and an application development platform and how it enhances electronic and mechanical design, system simulation, manufacturing, operations, and lifecycle analytics.

Xcelerator portfolio features listed in a circle: Collaboration, Applications, IoT Analytics, Operations, Manufacturing, Simulation, Electronics, Mechanical


Connect people and processes

Teamcenter® is the broadest and deepest PLM system available, providing a digital thread that connects people and processes across traditional functional silos.

Bring your software lifecycle under control

Polarion ALM unifies the software development lifecycle with real-time management data, allowing teams to respond faster to new opportunities and demands.


Low-code app development drives digitalization

The Mendix low-code application development platform helps developers rapidly build, deploy and operate enterprise-grade software applications.

IoT - Analytics

Connect your enterprise with IoT technology

MindSphere® uses IoT solutions to optimize operations, create better products and drive new business models by connecting data from products, plants, and systems.


Digitalize manufacturing operations management

Opcenter enables the complete digitalization of manufacturing operations providing users end-to-end visibility into design, production and manufacturing.


Synchronize engineering, manufacturing and service

Tecnomatix helps transform ideas into products and achieve synchronization between product and manufacturing engineering, production, and service operations.

Digitally transform part production

NX for Manufacturing drives efficient end-to-end part manufacturing operations and delivers high-precision parts through digitalization for increased productivity and profitability.


A comprehensive digital twin simulation solution

Simcenter™ software combines system simulation, 3D CAE, and test to help you optimize designs and deliver innovations faster and with greater confidence.


The next generation of mechanical design, simulation, and manufacturing

Siemens NX delivers the next generation of mechanical design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions to help companies develop better products, faster.

Enable creative design, fast

Solid Edge offers fast, flexible tools in an affordable and easy-to-use package, allowing companies of all sizes to digitalize product development.


Smarter products, faster

Achieve smarter, more capable products with the help of an industry-leading suite of IC, PCB and electronics design, verification and manufacturing solutions.

Accelerate E/E systems development

Capital delivers true model-based E/E systems development with an industry-leading portfolio of tools for E/E architecture, electrical systems, AUTOSAR embedded software, and network communications.


What is Siemens Xcelerator?

Your digital transformation journey begins with information. Discover content below, or check out our blog page and podcast for the newest information resources.


Xcelerator Academy

Xcelerator Academy supports customers during their digital transformation journey. The learning experience is tailored to a variety of audiences and offered on-demand, virtually and in-person for learners around the globe.

A woman getting her Siemens training certification from Xcelerator Academy