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Siemens Xcelerator startup program

Great ideas can solve big problems ‒ and present them, too. Siemens Xcelerator for Startups is a program designed to help startups avoid growing pains with access to scalable software.

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Siemens Xcelerator for Startups

Selected startup videos

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Siemens Xcelerator for Startups

(3 mins, 30 secs)


Siemens Dynamo: The Future of PCB Collaboration

(2 mins, 6 secs)


Startup Showcase: Arkisys

(2 mins, )


Startup Showcase: Plastic Fischer

(4 mins, 30 secs)


Siemens Startup Program - Space Perspective - Customer Success Story

(1 min, 34 secs)

Hardtech startups

Innovate with design and simulation packages

Equip your business with software designed to help you reach market faster—at a significantly reduced cost for startups.

Save with discounted software for product designers

Accelerate software development

Collaborate with peers and industry leaders

Are you an innovative startup or entrepreneur ready to collaborate and work on ground-breaking proof of concepts with Siemens? Learn more about how our startup program partners with select startups to develop cutting-edge solutions.

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