Frances Evans

Senior Vice President, Lifecycle Collaboration Software

Originally from: Southwest England

Currently based: Seattle, Washington, US

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, Master of Science, Oceanography, University of Washington, and Master of Science, Applied Mathematics, University of Washington

Siemens tenure: Joined Siemens in 1997

Staying power: I have great respect and appreciation for my colleagues. Many of us have chosen to stay with Siemens for decades, because of the talented people, the excellent spirit of collaboration, and the opportunities afforded by the breadth and depth of our business. People are highly motivated and work well together to solve complex challenges that enable our customers to succeed.

One step at a time: I enjoy solving problems. In my early career, I encountered mostly technical problems, but I’ve come to learn that problems come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the problems involving organizations and people can be just as challenging as the big strategy and business decisions. I’m also a believer in continuous improvement. Every time I can make a small change that can help our products, processes or people get a little better, that’s a step in the right direction, and all those small wins add up to something very rewarding over time.

No driver’s license needed: I am in love with the concept of autonomous driving. Many people don’t want to give up control, but I’m prepared to believe an intelligent vehicle full of sensors and sophisticated software can do a better job than me. I plan to be an early adopter! Almost all the major global automotive OEMs are already using Siemens’ software and can apply our portfolio to support their electrification and automation initiatives.

Always exploring: Ask me about my recent travels! I like to travel as far off the beaten track as possible. I’ve had memorable trips to Venezuela, the Sahara Desert, Sri Lanka, Colombia, the Serengeti, and many other interesting places.