A series of quadrilaterals in varying shades of greyHeadshot of Joe Bohman


Joe Bohman

Executive Vice President, PLM Products

Originally from: Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Currently based: Costa Mesa, California, US

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Princeton University

Siemens tenure: I joined Siemens in 1992 and have been having fun building new products ever since. Some of my favorites are NX Wave, the NX Atlas Platform, and Teamcenter X.

Problem solvers: We’re very customer-focused—everything we do is about solving our customers’ problems. We have the best customers in the world. We apply the latest technology to solve their challenges—often inventing powerful new solutions along the way. While our customers are producing the most innovative products in the world, we are supporting them with the most innovative software in the world. We’re in this together. Making our customers successful makes Siemens successful.

Team dynamics: One of my career lessons is “Life is a team sport, so build a great team!” Our team is focused on building the data backbone for Siemens Xcelerator and our comprehensive digital twin. This means we must connect with every domain within Siemens Digital Industries Software. It takes an exceptional team to do this. I’m very proud to be working for a truly global company that is a trusted partner to bring talented people and innovation together, solving some of today’s most challenging problems.

Finding the balance: It is important to find balance in life. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two boys, preferably outside, especially at the beach. Mental and physical fitness are essential aspects of overall well-being. My parents gave me a fitness tracker a few years ago, and it has really been the gift that keeps on giving; keeping me physically fit, and my mind sharp.

Innovations then and now: Innovation has always been a driving force behind human progress. Throughout history, individuals and societies have constantly sought new ways to improve their lives, whether through the invention of new tools, the development of new technologies, or the creation of new ideas. Today, as in the past, innovation continues to shape our world in ways both big and small. Software innovation is a critical aspect of modern business. By developing new software or improving existing ones, we can increase efficiency, improve user experience, stay competitive, and reduce costs. I am excited to work on software, and even more excited to help our customers make the next generation of products that are changing the world.