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Steve Flagg

CEO and Founder, Supplyframe

Originally from: Southern New Jersey, US

Currently based: Pasadena, California, US

Education: University of Richmond, University of Rhode Island

Siemens tenure: Founded Supplyframe in 2003

New kid in town: Supplyframe joined the Siemens family in August of 2021 through acquisition. We are entrepreneurs at heart, and we believe in innovative risk-taking and giving people room to be creative. Now, as a part of Siemens — an incredible technology company with massive scale and reach across just about every industry segment you can imagine — the opportunities feel quite limitless.

Making an impact: I love the challenge of decoding market opportunities and working with my team to drive meaningful business impact for our customers.

Challenge accepted: One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that having a growth mindset is essential to helping you get comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty. When you have the confidence to apply yourself, you can improve your skills with effort and practice. You no longer fear challenges…you embrace them.

Runner’s high: Nothing makes me happier and more fulfilled than going on long runs. It calms my mind and fills me with gratitude. I also have a passion for travel, food, and cooking for friends and family, especially my wife Stephanie and our two daughters.

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