Suzanne Kopcha

Vice President, Strategy

Originally from: Schenectady, New York, US

Currently based: Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems and Marketing from LeMoyne College and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Siemens tenure: Joined Siemens in 2015

Living the mission: Siemens is an innovator of innovators — a company that has helped bring society to new levels and has played a part in every industrial revolution. The people that I meet and work with every day are masters in their areas of expertise. We have a customer-first culture, and it means something: we live by it. So many other companies say it, but then when there are hard decisions to make that impact revenue or profit, they waver. We don’t. We live our mission every day. 

Building bridges: It’s so energizing to have the ability to collaborate across organizations and bring the best of Siemens to our customers. I have always built bridges across organizations — I love the position I am in because when Siemens shows up together, we are unmatched at bringing value to our customers.

On the edge: I am excited to see the impacts of working on the Edge. We are leaders in bringing the balance between cloud and shop floor together that will enable the flexibility that many industries are searching for. It changes the game.

Advising for good: When I'm not in the office, you can find me doing board work for various non-profit organizations. I’m passionate about the role education can play to end the cycle of poverty in Cincinnati and change lives. You might also find me advising entrepreneurs in Cincinnati. Advising is a passion. The ability to give back is a core part of my personal definition of success.

Perfect pair: My favorite place to be is hiking or walking the beach with my husband. Being outside with him, and doing something together is my heaven on earth. We did the Camino del Santiago pilgrimage a couple of years ago and trained together in Taekwondo (it’s a family thing). Ask me about the role taekwondo can play to help children with Asperger’s — the possibilities are amazing.