The Simcenter Engineering and Consulting Services team helps you maximize the accuracy and efficiency of your simulation process and results.

Elevate your simulation process and enhance results

Whether you are looking to improve the performance of your products, enhance your product testing through model-based development, or customize tools to meet your engineering needs, our team is a trusted engineering partner at every step of the development lifecycle.

An engineer using Simcenter simulation software.

Our offerings

Performance engineering

Companies today are facing growing pressure to bring better products to market faster and at a lower cost. Getting performance attributes, such as noise, vibration and harshness, comfort, durability, and multi-attribute balancing right is more complex and important than ever before.

Simcenter Engineering and Consulting Services partners with you to determine the right simulation process and tools to help you overcome these challenges without compromising performance. We also work with your engineering teams to benchmark current simulation challenges and develop a roadmap to achieve digitalization maturity.

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Performance engineering representation from the Simcenter software.


In order to improve product performance and efficiency, companies need to gain a comprehensive understanding of the complex interactions that occur between various physics, both in time and space. For example, engineers designing battery packs need to understand both the microscale chemistry and ion transport within the cell to optimize performance and limit degradation due to lithium plating. At the same time, they also need to balance the thermal behavior at the module/pack level and ensure that cell-to-cell temperatures are minimized to maintain the structural integrity of the casing.

The Simcenter Engineering and Consulting Services can provide guidance on the choice and combination of simulation and test tools, build realistic simulation models, establish simulation processes and share best practices to help organizations answer their most complex engineering questions.

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Multiphysics simulation representation from the Simcenter software.

Workflows and tool customization

Being able to tackle an engineering problem is one thing, decreasing the development time and cost is another. Therefore, maximizing the productivity of an engineering team while ensuring quality and consistency of results is vital in today’s competitive market. Achieving this requires:

  • Robust/efficient workflows, minimizing user set-up errors
  • Automation where possible to free up valuable engineering time for other tasks

Our team can help provide simulation best practices inside robust workflows, enabling simulation engineers to focus on more complex challenges and releasing subject matter experts’ time to focus on future developments.

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An engineering using the Simcenter software for workflows and tools customization.

Model-based engineering

Model-based engineering utilizes virtual models of physics-based systems, which is a digital twin used to accelerate product development. Simcenter Engineering and Consulting Services helps you build and use a comprehensive digital twin to perform virtual verification of the software and hardware performance of your product.

This simulation process is powered by Simcenter solutions, which enable engineering teams to use a common modeling environment that provides different degrees of fidelity throughout the product development program.

Our team helps you implement a model-based engineering approach that takes advantage of model-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop, and hardware-in-the-loop virtual verification environments using Simcenter to run models either on a desktop or in real-time. We provide quality testing to ensure that the system is behaving as expected and to resolve issues before a physical testing campaign is executed.

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Model-based engineering representation from the Simcenter software.
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Audi partners with Simcenter Engineering Services to improve correlation of test and simulation.

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