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Karma automotive

A relentless pursuit of excellence

Karma established a strategic partnership with Simcenter Engineering and Consulting Services to meet noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance targets and implement state-of-the-art NVH testing and simulation processes.

Digital twin

Engineering departments in all industries are challenged with the increased complexity of smart, sustainable products that today’s market demands. Simcenter Engineering and Consulting Services helps you build a digital twin of your products to make them more efficient, comfortable, reliable, and durable than ever before. We are a trusted partner at every step of your digitalization journey, from the early design stage onwards.

Our team offers services that go beyond standalone simulation efforts or isolated testing campaigns. We combine these into one comprehensive solution to help you build the true digital twin.

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Simcenter software visuals displayed on a laptop.


The transition to electric vehicles has led to increased engineering complexity, especially for electric motor and battery development and integration. The Simcenter Engineering and Consulting Services team is skilled in performance optimization and balancing efficiency, NVH, ride comfort, weight, and thermal behavior.

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Electrification representation from the Simcenter software.

Autonomous vehicle safety and comfort

Simcenter Engineering and Consulting Services can partner with your team to manage safety engineering, meet driver expectations and regional traffic conditions, and ensure driver comfort, trust, acceptance and perceived safety of autonomous systems.

Our team can also help develop ADAS features that meet driver expectations and regional traffic conditions. Adaptive cruise control, autonomous parking, sensor fusion, and physical testing are just a few examples of how we support automotive manufacturers and suppliers to virtually access and validate the system and vehicle performance for autonomous driving.

Additionally, the Simcenter engineering team helps companies comply with international quality standards, including ISO 26262, ISO 21448 SOTIF, and STPA.

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Autonomous vehicle safety testing setup on a SimRod.

Model-based engineering

Model-based engineering utilizes virtual models of physics-based systems, which is a digital twin used to accelerate product development. Simcenter Engineering and Consulting Services helps you build and use a comprehensive digital twin to perform virtual verification of the software and hardware performance of your product and assist you in your digitalization journey.

This process is powered by Simcenter solutions, which enable engineering teams to use a common modeling environment that provides different degrees of fidelity throughout the product development program. Our team helps you implement a model-based engineering approach that takes advantage of model-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop, and hardware-in-the-loop virtual verification environments using Simcenter to run models either on a desktop or in real-time. We provide quality testing to ensure that the system is behaving as expected and to resolve issues before a physical testing campaign is executed.

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An engineer is using the Simcenter software for model-based engineering.

AI/machine learning

AI has the potential to help companies significantly reduce time to market by quickly combing through large amounts of test and simulation data and helping engineers identify trends and areas for improvement. Simcenter Engineering and Consulting Services can help you effectively deploy AI to reduce engineering time spent on repetitive tasks and make the most of your engineering data.

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AI machine learning infographic representation.

Energy/thermal management

Engineers today are expected to optimize the energy and thermal behavior of more interconnected systems than ever before. All these systems need to balance the energy entering the product and temperature in the most sustainable way possible. Simcenter Engineering and Consulting Services has decades of experience combining simulation and test for complex full thermal analysis of the entire vehicle.

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Energy thermal management representation from the Simcenter software.